First Citibank


The company's intent should be translated in English by city banks, but in China used to be called First National City Bank, commonly called Citibank in Hong Kong. Its predecessor is the first financial minister of the United States C. S. Auguste City, New York City Bank, created in 1812. In 1865, according to the National Bank of the US government, the National Bank of China was renamed is the New York National City Bank. In 1914, branches were branched in Buenos Aires, which became the first national bank in the United States to open a branch abroad. In 1928, it became the first commercial bank for consumers' personal providing loans. In 1955, the bank merged the first national bank in New York, named New York First Citibank. In 1962, it was renamed the first Citibank. After reorganizing the Group's shareholding company in 1968, it also changed the Group's shareholding company in 1971. As the first Citibank of the company's major affiliated banks in 1976, it renamed Citibank. After the Second World War, the company has expanded overseas due to the expansion of the business, and its scale exceeded Datong Manhattan in 1972. After 1980, it was more than the US Bank Company in the United States. In 1984, the Chicago and Miami Savings Loan Association were merged.

First Citibank

Service range

The funds are from abroad, ranking first in the United States. The business scope includes commercial banking, trust (personal trust business is the first US), securities trading, consumption finance, credit card, equipment rental, proxy business, and travel checks. In 1979, the management reorganization was conducted, and most activities were divided into two categories of the agency banking and personal banking. The former, mainly providing financial services to companies, governments, health, education, charity, and foreign financial institutions in all countries. Personal Banking is financial services provided by consumers in the United States and other 17 major markets in the world, including credit cards, travel checks, housing construction finance, car mortgages and other personal spending. The bank includes financial services companies, consumption financial companies, rental companies, etc. There are more than 1,000 branches in 94 countries and regions, and there are representative offices or offices in Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai.


First Citibank Bank Foundation (First National City Bank Financial Group

One of the top ten consortiums in the United States is the eastern big consortium . Although there is a short history, the total assets of its control have exceeded several old consortiums, jumped to the top of the top ten consortium. The first consortium of Citibank as the core, relying on its huge amount of money to the arms industry (such as rockets, missiles and aircraft, etc.) and civilian industries (such as electronics, chemicals, oil and non-ferrous metallurgy, etc.) on power and control a large number of Famous big companies and big companies. It is also one of the most active consortiums.

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