First aid equipment


Emergency medicine is a multi-professional integrated science. It is a new professional in handling and studying various acute lesions and acute trauma, that is, in a short period of time, an emergency rescue measures taken to threaten human life safety, the science of emergency ambulance measures taken. It does not deal with the whole process of injury, but focuses on the treatment of injuries, the content is mainly: the content of the heart, the lung, the brain, the fact that the cycle function caused by the cycle, acute trauma, multi-organ function failure, Acute poisoning, etc. And the emergency medicine also has to study and design on-site rescue, transportation, communication, etc., so emergency medicine includes: pre-hospital treatment (emergency center), hospital emergency room, critically ill patient monitoring ward (ICU) three parts. Therefore, first aid equipment It is an important part of emergency medicine.


The first aid equipment has broad and narrow sense.

From a broad range, everything can be rescued in a short period of time is a first aid equipment.

Progress in modern medicine gives emergency medicine to new concepts and connotations, such as the call to rescue the system from running to phone and computer, transportation tools from people to the horse to ambulance, high speed car and helicopter Airplane, rescue technology from simple freehand operation to modern electronic medical equipment, first aid work is no longer passive, but a modern mobile hospital, this mobile hospital can go out of hospitals, go into society, walk into the family, quickly When I came to the patient, once the ambulance arrived to marviate the patient, I can get urgent and effective first aid. The hopes of critically ill patients can start from here.

We usually say The first aid equipment is a narrow range, mainly because of the necessary regular medical equipment for rescue patients within the hospital. It includes ventilator, an electrocardiograph, a cardiac defibrillator, a simple respirator, a heart pressing pump, a negative pressure fracture fixture, an oxygen bottle. Multi-function rescue bed, negative pressure absorber, automatic gastric jam, trace injection pump, quantitative infusion pump, etc., and tracheal intubation and trachea cut the desired first aid equipment. Monitoring system, in vitro membrane lung oxygenation (ECMO), peritoneal dialysis and blood purification system.

In addition, the ability of cardiopulmonary brain recovery; the ability to respiratory support; sustainable control; there is a capacity to identify heart rate abnormalities and have a blood flow monitoring; for emergency heart temporary The ability to pacing; the ability to respond quickly to various test results and give feedback immediately; the ability to support multiple organs; the ability to carry out full intestinal nutrition; the ability of trace infusion; master various monitoring technology, and more The ability to operate; during the process of transporting patients, the ability to support life; there is an emergency ability of various medical professional diseases. In addition to the necessary regular medical equipment, there must be a variety of related supporting equipment, such as electrocardiographs, blood glucose meters, electric attractors, blood gas analyzers, brainukeas, B-machine, bed, tunnel, hematuria Regular analyzer, blood biochemical analyzer, etc. Small mobile bed X-ray machine, in vitro pacemaker, etc.

eight major pieces

ventilator, ECG monitor, cardiac defibrillator, oxygen bottle, negative pressure absorber, automatic gastrointestinal gastrointestinal, tracheal intubation and tracheal cutting Package, simple respirator.

ICU device

must have a regular medical device, each bed has a central oxygen supply (or even 50% N2 and O2 mixed gas) and the high and low pressure Attractive device, infusion bottle suspension device, with a bedside monitor (including heart, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen saturation monitoring), ventilator, ECG monitor, cardiac defibrillator, ultrasonic Doppler, simple Respirator, cardiac press pump, negative pressure fracture fixing device, oxygen bottle. Multi-function rescue bed, negative pressure absorber, automatic gastric jam, trace injection pump, quantitative infusion pump, etc., and tracheal intubation and trachea cut the desired first aid equipment. Monitoring system, in vitro dialysis and blood purifying system, diasteratulatory laryngoscope, airbag trachea catheter, various types of cappolic pipe, with live valve Three-way tube, deep venous catheter (single cavity, double cavity or triple cavity), chest closed drainage device, urine specific weight gauge, blood glucose tester, urine sugar test supplies, etc. In addition to the conventional equipment of the general ward, the nursing equipment should have a computer infusion pump, a micro-injection pump, an ultrasonic aerosol, artificial nose, an attractor, suction tube, a blood transfusion pressure zone, a deep vein nutrient bag, an electric blanket, a ice hat Equipped with a full agency, the car has a rescue appliance, a first aid drug.

movable equipment includes mechanical ventilation machine, compressed air, a humidifier, an electrocardiogram, a cardiopulmonary recovery equipment. Such a car has a laryngoscope, a tracheal intubation, a variety of joints and ventricular fibrillation defibrillators, manual auxiliary airbags, and first aid drugs. When there is conditional conditions, there should be breathing frequency, rhythm and body temperature monitor and multi-channel hemodynamic monitor to monitor central venous pressure, mean arterial pressure, shrinkage, diastolic pressure, pulmonary wedge pressure or left room pressure. : Various parameters of lung function, such as tidal amount, pulmonary capacity, lung, and inhalation and exhaled gas, PAO2 and PACO2 measurement and changes in blood pH. In terms of monitoring the amount of cardiac output, some ICUs use the center temperature and the change of the level of blood toe temperature, and the change of blood oxygenation is good and the microcirculation function is good.

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