Fire original


Hercuite is a legendary philosopher. He was born in the Royal family of Ephi City in the Ionia region. He should have inherited the throne, but he gave his brother to his brother, and he ran to the goddess Arimez Temple. It is said that the Persian Dafu sergeant has written to invite him to go to the Persian Court to teach Greek culture. There is a book "On Nature", existing residual stations, basically retain his universe, natural view and ethics.

Fire original

Fire original

"World Order (everything is something) is not created by any god or people, it passed, now, the future is always a constant fire

Burning on a certain position, extinguish at a certain loss. "(" Western philosophy is selected ") In this paragraph, you need to pay attention to the two layers of" this original ": one is fire Activity status (live fire), the burning and extinguishing of fire; the second is the world order, it is the eternal principle, which determines the emission of the fire, and maintains its own same thing in all things.

Herakrit is the fire and everything can be transformed with each other, the original state of the world is fire, fire is converted to all things, all things are converted to fire. The circulation conversion between fire and everything is said to be a fire movement: fire transformation into all things is the fire consumption and extinguishing, all things are transformed into fire is full of fire and burning. More importantly, the movement of the fire is in line with its own physical movement, or the dominance of a certain principle.

two aspects

According to the above analysis, the fire of Hercuite said, there are two aspects: the external origin is the form of fire, it is everything The beginning and destination; the intrinsic Binding is the principle of the nature of the fire, which determines the direction of the world's movement (generated or cursing), controlling the rhythm of the movement, dominates the conversion of circulatory reciprocating between fire and everything.

The reason is that the fire is the most refined in the elements, and it is the most close to the body; more importantly, the fire is both sports and can make other things. Hercuite believes that all things are the fire, saying that the universe is an eternal fire, his basic starting point is: this orderless universe is neither God is not created. The universe itself is its own creator, the order of the universe is specified by its own logistics. This is the essence of Hercuret, which is the inheritance and in-depth development of the simple martial artism of Mili.

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