Film industry


1, the center of the global film industry: Hollywood

2, the second echelon: Asian Bollywood, Europe, France (because of Europa existence, tentatively included);

3, the third tier: South Korea Japan (after another two in Asia, South Korea more prosperous in recent years), Africa, Nigeria Nilai dock

4, others: China, England, Germany, Thailand, Iran, Russia, can list many years, China is in the middle of this bunch.

star system, specialization, the product marketing, cross-industry penetration, globalization: the Hollywood film industry is the most important of the five key words.


We often say that Hollywood movies can be powerful to the world market, because of its high degree of industrialization. 2008-09 Academy Awards ceremony is still the world ratings of the first film awards ceremony, no doubt display the Hollywood film industry as the number one unbreakable dominance.

Do not look jealous, because in China, film and television industry is still a plausible, speech unknown fuzzy concept. Official film and television industry in addition to the formation of such a giant capital outside China Film Group, Huayi Brothers, although created as such private capital to film and television companies, but these companies are increasingly operating in addition to the display on the international capital operation, marketing issue than, for the Chinese film and television industry in the narrow sense it can be said that the contribution did not, whether it is equipment, technology, services, improve their standards did not have much to give. Pre-production workshop mainly operating a few people, to do the latter is still done in a foreign country. Although the government put such a big project Hualong Film Digital Production Base, but staff can not keep up standards, in fact, bigger problems, Hualong equipment that is not low-end, but did not come through with a post-industrial level. Industrialization can be achieved from capital - to build a chain of industrial production, but the mature industrialized staff levels need to be followed up.

We talked for domestic film and television, especially in film production, as long as a capital budget up, immediately take is international production staff, or at least Hong Kong people, special effects, not to mention the late, not equipment the problem, the Chinese money is not a problem, the problem of personnel, long-term production of small workshops consequence is, uneven level personnel, a handful of people Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang handful of people, Chen Kaige handful of people, Jia Zhangke handful of people, mutual not intercourse. Put their flowers, talk about industrialization. Circle leads to lack of information, asymmetric information, not to mention the industrialized forever. This is why China even a decent camera brands are not, from what industrialized talk!

Film industry


1, have been digitized and will continue to have a profound impact on the major film and television industry: including pre, post, distribution, employing a full range of impact, DV era will gradually push the real era of digital cinema.

2, globalization will further accelerate the integration of the global film and television industry, accelerate the global division of labor market television, film and television industrialized countries will determine the country's position in the global TV market.

3, the Internet for various fields of human penetration further, have a significant impact production, distribution methods will be film and television industry.

4, a film and television industry will become one of the country's main industry GDP contribution, and become an important area of ​​a country show to promote soft power. (United States already the case)


film and television production in the field of "circle" of lead "information opaque" "information asymmetry" is the core factor restricting China Film industrialization process.

1, the legal environment: This is needless to say

2, the quality of personnel: "circle" of the overall increase would be difficult to achieve the quality of employees, the quality of employees unable to upgrade, film and television industry levels will be impossible.

3, make way: Producer director workshops centered way, can never achieve real industrial products.

Some common questions:

= Television industrialized commercial film production?

Of course not, commercial film is an industrial product, but not all. Industrialization only provides a professional environment, a kind of good means, a more sophisticated production methods.

industrialization in order to continue to promote the sophisticated video technology equipment and services, to provide more diverse and more sophisticated production methods, otherwise we might still black and white silent film and television world stage.

Television industrialization would undermine the creation of independent film?

Of course not, an independent film that spiritual core, not in production mode. On the contrary, the more mature industrialized, the more chances to explore the spiritual core of the performance of independent film. The advent of the digital age is the best example.

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