Fifth Middle School, Deyang City, Sichuan Province

Synonym Deyang 5th General refers to the history of the fifth middle school in Deyang, Sichuan


In November 1987, the school held the foundation ceremony to start construction.

In September 1988, the school began enrollment, first known as Tianshan Road, Deyang City.

2003, the school renamed the fifth middle school in Deyang City, Sichuan Province.

October 2002, the school was assessing as the exemplary common high school in Sichuan Province.

In 2016, the school was assessing as the first-class exemplary general high school in Sichuan Province.

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As of Oct 2018, the school built a school two districts (Zhuhu Campus and Tianyuan Campus), covering an area of ​​315.79 mu, The construction area is 126,382 square meters, the campus green area is 4,7123 square meters, with more than 7,000 students, more than 500 faculty members.

Hardware facilities

According to the official website of the 11th university in September 200, the school has a school gate, teaching building, experimental building, office building, 400-meter-loop plastic runway, plastic basketball Field, standard football field, indoor gymnasium, open-air swimming pool, electronic information management student apartment, canteen, information center, network terminal, campus website, Boya Plaza, Fuji, Xiang Petriking.

Teacher's power

As of Oct 2018, there are more than 500 faculty members, including 5 national excellent teachers, 3 senior teachers, 3 special teachers, Sichuan Provincial Excellent Teacher, 6 Model Teachers, 3 people in Sichuan Province, 3 people, 2 teachers in Sichuan Province, 14 key teachers in Sichuan Province, 1 excellent expert in Deyang City, Deyang Subject leader 15 people 45 people in Deyang City, 11 people in Texao, 11 national teachers, 185 middle school teachers, 209 secondary teachers.

National Excellent Teacher : Fan Bin Ling

Sichuan Provincial Special Teacher: Fan Bin Ling, Xiao Dong

< B> Sichuan backbone teacher:Su Changsheng, Chen Sheng, Yang Wei, Jiang Jinquan, Dong Du, Chen Wei, Du Zhaowang, Li Dongmei, Zou Shiquan, Yang Wenhai, Rao Ping, Li Funyi, Li Xiongan

Sichuan primary and secondary school teaching teacher: Su Changsheng, Li Xiongan

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School results

Student results

  • college entrance examination results Fifth Middle School, Deyang City, Sichuan Province

2018 college entrance examination , school mainly online 461, 1177 undergraduate, 51 articles online, totaling 1241 people.

2019 college entrance examination, a classmate of the school won the first place in the liberal art of Deyang, was admitted by Tsinghua University, and more than 50 people were admitted to 985 schools.

2020 college entrance examination, school is on the line 491, 1185 undergraduate, the highest science is 698 points, the first place in Jujiyang Science, the science 670 points, 4 people, 2525 People, 1 person is selected in the "Youth Class" of China University.

  • Quality results

2017, the school team in the national primary and secondary school in innovation composition The 38 students award, 88 students in the Chinese Middle School Language Ability Competition.

In 2018, the school team was first in the first middle school man in the Deyang Youth Campus Football League, and the third place in 2018 Deyang City primary and secondary school table tennis competition (junior high school man).

2019, the school team won the champion of Junyang Youth Football League.

Teacher's results

2017, school teachers Yang Qi won the second prize of the micro-class preservation activities based on core literacy in Sichuan Province.

In 2017, the school teacher Huang Xiaoli won the first prize of the Junior Group of the Sichuan Physics Teacher Classroom Exhibition Activities.

In 2018, the school teacher has exceeded the second prize of the classroom teaching and evaluation of Junior High School Geography Teachers in Deyang City.

2018, school teachers Zhang Aijun won the first prize of the Skills Skills test of Deyang High School Information Technology Teachers Skills.

In 2019, the school teacher won the second prize of Sichuan Provincial Education and Research Project 2019 Staged Research Achievements.

School Honor

As of January 2019, the main honor of the school has: "National School Sports Work Demonstration School" title, 2017 6th CCTV National Primary and Secondary School Eyex The title of "English Characteristics School" in the Sichuan Division of the Competition, "National Primary and Secondary School Mental Health Education Characteristics", "The First Civilization Campus of Sichuan Province", Deyang Education Propaganda Information Work Advanced Unit, Deyang Provincial Province and Its Demonstrative High School First prize of teaching quality.

June 2021, the Party Committee of the Fifth Middle School of Deyang City, Sichuan Province was awarded the title of "Priority Grassroots Party Organization of Deyang City" by the CPC Deyang Municipal Committee.

School culture

School logo

  • Evil

top school For the school's Chinese name "Fifth Middle School, Deyang City, Sichuan Province", under the school's English name " Sichuan DEYANG NO.5 MIDDLE SCHOOL ", the logo is founded for the school, and the logo is a graphic " 5 ". (See the right picture)

  • school motto


community culture

As of 2019, schools include 22 students, sports chess, cultural and practical classes, such as trade, film, animation ambassador and football, magic society, etc., regular student community activities regularly .

current leaders

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school leader list


Xu Yongjie

Su Changsheng

Fan Bin Ling

Party Secretary for Secretary, Jihu Campus Executive Prime Minister

Chen Sigui

< P> Liu Hua Xian

Party Committee Comprehensive Committee and Security Member, Vice President

Yang Yuanjin

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