FFL speaker

Brief introduction

A thin version made of conductive and insulating materials. It is as thin as aluminum foil, and its thickness is only 0.25 cm. It can be easily hidden in the car interior or used as wallpaper. What's better is that its sound effect is clearer and crisper than traditional speakers, and it can transmit the sound farther.

Traditional speakers

The FFL speakers have clear sound effects and farther transmission. The biggest feature is that they are extremely light, extremely thin, and can be bent. The university exported this set of technologies and established Warwick Sound Technology Company, which is expected to launch products on the market later. The company’s chief executive officer Kao Chuman said: “We believe that this is a truly innovative technology. It is suitable for various applications due to its size and flexibility. This kind of place, especially the place with limited space."

The loudspeaker uses different magnetic fields to convert electronic signals into sound. The biggest difference between FFL and traditional loudspeakers is that when they are stimulated by electronic signals, they can be The plane, rather than a specific point, vibrates the air, so it can create a clearer and crisper sound effect, and can transmit the sound farther.

Working principle

The main principle of FFL is: When receiving a sound electrical signal, it will vibrate a larger “block” of air to form sound waves. (It is different from ordinary speakers which only form waves in the sounding area).

The performance is: the sound will be evenly distributed in the room, and the effect of blasting from a certain point will not appear.

Future development

WarwickAudioTechnology is now responsible for the development of various products produced with this material, and will produce the first commercial products at a later date. If the technology is mature, it will be expected to be made into sound posters and posted in every corner of the city. (oioi: a small advertisement for telephone poles with automatic sound). Or it can be made into wallpaper to fill the room with surround sound and so on.

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