Fengtai Squadron

Construction History

July 28, 2005, Fengzhu Square Stadium construction started.

On the afternoon of July 20, 2006, the owner of the Fengtai Squadron, the construction unit, the construction unit, the supervision unit and the design unit of the design unit held a signature ceremony, the main project of the baseball field officially The completion acceptance was passed.

Venue structure

Fengtai Sports Center covers an area of ​​21.48 hectares, with a building area of ​​about 50,000 square meters, a green area of ​​about 45,000 square meters. The main building is: Stadium, Stadium, Swimming Pool, Olympic Games, etc. There is a large parking lot outside the North Gate of the Sports Center, covering an area: 10,748m2, more than 400 motor vehicles can be accommodated. In addition to sports facilities, there are also food and accommodation facilities such as fishing ports, sports hotels.

at the southwest corner of the sports center, sitting on the Copper Guanyin, a regional focus protection.

Design Features

This venue has adopted more than 30 independent innovations in construction, rain-water recovery and medium-water utilization technology, photovoltaic electrical technology, photothermal technology, Rain water recharge technology, etc.

National Stadium fully considers rain flood use, divided into three major parts of rainwater collection, processing and reuse. After collecting, the treated rainwater is applied to the land gardin lawn irrigation, air conditioning water cooling, flushing, greening, fire protection and other 9 types of uses, together with the municipal high-quality medium, form a national stadium's reuse system.

Fengtai Squad Stadium By collecting sports center swimming pool bathing wastewater and stadium rainwater, through comprehensive treatment, to achieve medium-water standards, use the new construction internal shift and outdoor greening and barrier, the annihorse Water can reach 80,000 tons

to install the solar hot water system by 125 square meters with photothermal technology, 9 tons of hot water can be supplied every day.

The annual power generation of photovoltaic electrical technology can reach 19,000 degrees.

In addition, a series of new materials and new technologies such as external heat preservation, broken bridge, energy saving, and energy saving, etc. are also used in the project. The standstone's standing has introduced the world's advanced CRAB prefabricated modular scaffolding technology, which is 100%, and the material can be repeatedly utilized to 99%. According to statistics, the Olympic Games will take about 200,000 temporary views. If all adopt the recyclable standing system, the comprehensive cost will save more than 50%, RMB 2 billion to 250 million, and the steel re-use reaches 10,000 tons. Fengtai Sports Center is a modern sports building group that is consistent with the international competition requirements for the 11th Asian Games of 1997.

Functional function

Fengtai-graphic stadium to change the project design plan, the functional partition is clear, the organizational streamline is smooth, the hand is well-spatied, the green environment is beautiful, the competition is comfortable. After the completion, Fengtai Square Stadium will become a more distinctive, and have an international advanced level of barriers in Beijing.

Sports Center holds many international, domestic competitions, such as the eleventh Asian Games football, vineen, sticks, the 21st world college volleyball competition, China and American women's football match, the seventh national Sports meeting football, judo, wrestling competition, China Baseball League, Super League (Beijing Guoan Master), etc.

Event Time:

The 29th Olympic Games Softball Competition will be held in Fengtai Sports Center in Beijing from August 12-21, 2008. The final final will be held at 17:00 - 20:15 on August 22.

Transportation Information

Bus reference route

310, 313, 338, 351, 958, 996 694, etc. to Fengtai Sports Center

458, 978, 830 to Fengtai Sports Center South Gate

Metro Reference Route

< P> Metro Line 14 Dadi Station

driving reference route

1. (from the stadium - Xizhimen Bridge): Fengbeiqiao - Lize Bridge - Caijiqiao - Guang'anmen Bridge - Fuxingmen Bridge - Fuchengmen Bridge - Xizhimen Bridge

2. (From the Terrace - Dongzhimen Bridge): Fengbeiqiao - Lize Bridge - Cuisine Camp Bridge - Guang'anmen Bridge - Fuxingmen Bridge - Guanyuan Bridge - Ping An Street - East 40 - Dongzhimen Bridge

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