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Bo Luo, a township in Dongguan What is the soish and passengers in the hospital? Answer, the guests are in terms of the soil, and they are also known. Since my ancestors, I still call it for hundreds of years. Han Sheng, Han Sheng, Boosheng. (Jiaqing Ett, May, Japan)

Today's guests, first in the Song Dynasty, the original clothing family, after loyalty. Since the Song Eaga, Qinbei hun, Gao Zongnan, the hometown of the world, from Zhongzhou Mountain left, Yue Fujiang from it. Hall of Soviet, Zhejiang, and Yuan Ying, the south, Song Dynasty broadcasts, Nanlailing table, not only the family world, that is, the people also live more. There is a rigorous and coastal to the trans-粤; there is Hunan, Yanling to the Cantonese. Along the way, it is dangerous and Yuan Bing, or the hands of the Yuan Bing, the whole family is destroyed, the whole is overwhelming, and the number of sands of the river. The sky is not a Song, Yamenqi Sea, the end of the country. It is a matter of death in the south, and there are people who are dead and have everything. Although the pain of the mother, the five hundred people in Hengtian, still in Gan Tian, ​​still in the heart of the birth, and the heart of the revenge.

is different from the custom language, and the smoke is humid, and the disease is more ill, I don't want to mix the natives, I want to choose the place of the province; Resides, should not be eastward, should live in the same place, the sound is neither separated, and the heart is consolidated. Its loyalty, it can be embarrassing, not because it is too different. At that time, Yuan Bing was cruel, and he passed. Cantonese is also struggling to escape from all walks of life, and its Yuejing, Yin, Xiang border, adjacent to thousands of miles, often in dozens miles, there is no smoke, so the phase rate will move to the land. Xi Dawng, East to Yutin, vertical and horizontally, the south of the mountains, the northern mountains are all. Today's Fujian, all the genus, Jiangxi Nan'an, Zhangzhou, Ningdu, Guangdong Nanxiong, Yuzhou, Lianzhou, Huizhou, Jiaying, and Chaozhou Tai Po, Fengshun, Guangzhou Dragon Gate It is also.

Fenghu miscellaneous

Alsensitated, each of them, governing the things, the thorns, building rooms, the planting, cultivating, and smashing, recuperating, and have a bit Equity. The native of Guangdong, called the person of the land; the person of the land, also claimed to be a guest. The world, the guests did not have an official, after non-loyalty, it would be!

Guests are in cultivating, and the home is also poverty, it will make their children, and there is nothing to know. I don't know the crops. At sunrise, the income is in the past, that is, the ancients "negatively lands".

Guests are multi-strike, and they are transmitted from Shaolin Zhen. Every to winter months, pharmacies, swords, lazy skills. That is, the ancient people "farm gap speaks".

Guest waiter, which is also entangled. Since the national change, hard work, I don't know the harm of being entangled. After the, the lifelines are in the rich and the rich, they are in the ring. Search from the child, teach him to hold the way. It is in the return of the husband, the cultivation, the mincedu, the wicked, the squid, the textile, and sewing is all in the case; the Wengu, the children, the manager, the well, the well, its smart talents, really better than men Hey, the woman in his wife can be! Also guests, there is no trick, although the ethics is self-sufficient, and it is also self-satisfied.

To be, the customer is very funny, so his democol is made, and it is very shameful, and the traxarism is resistant, and the quality is text. Yu Xi is served at the house, dedicated to the river, the inspection, the junction, repeated to the rural market, Huai, Xu, see its rural market, crown wedding, the customs of the year, more people The same, the first of the benefit of the guests from the Central Plains, it is not. Guest language, although there is different small provinces in the Mainland, and the sound of his reading is very positive. Therefore, it will be separated from the township, and the inside is in the mainland. However, with the custom language of the people, it is still not possible. Peter people, with my custom language failed to be, so I still said that I was a guest; I was still self-proclaimed by my guests. The guests are in terms of the soil.

The custom language of the dirt and passengers cannot be the same, then the soil, passenger, soil, the dirt, the guest passengers, I will have a hundred years, and I will also be today.

Jialing Song Bay review, Qujiang Zhou Shenxuan Xuebo, tasted the bangs: Jiaying, Tingzhou, and Yuzhou, there is still since Jin Jin, but not much .


Xu Xu Zeng, Guangdong Heping County, Xiantong Village, Town, Qing Emperor Qianlong, 57 years (1792), Jiaqing 4 years (1799) The 67th of the field list, Fu Jian Divis, Sichuan Division, and then add first-level emergency doctor. Zeng Shu Tiangong Test, Kyoto will trial of the official. Run the official returned, it is prior to teaching the school of Guangzhou Yuexiu and Huizhou Fenghu.

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