FEC (FEC Chopsticks Cloud Co., Ltd.)

Basic information

Shenzhen Chopsticks Information Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as FEC Chopsticks Co., Ltd.) The company's headquarter is located at CMEC Plaza A, No. 1028, Buji Road, Dongxiao Street, Luohu District, Shenzhen Block 8th floor. FEC long-term

focuses on enterprise Internet applications, provides Internet + overall application solutions for Chinese enterprises, and is China’s leading mid-to-large Internet + technology solution provider

business scope

FEC three major Core businesses include Internet technology solutions, e-commerce cloud platforms, e-commerce consulting and operations. FEC has two holding companies, and has R&D, service institutions and branches in Wuhan, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Taiyuan, Shaanxi, etc. FEC's Internet solutions involve: commercial retail (chain), cross-border e-commerce, Industrial Internet applications, automotive aftermarket, wholesale (bulk commodities) transactions, catering and entertainment, pan-real estate, fresh food, Internet finance and other fields. Internet technologies cover: B2C, C2C, B2B, O2O, crowdfunding, Internet finance, etc. Different business models, providing e-commerce development platform, e-commerce operation management software, mobile APP application software, Internet marketing management software, e-commerce cloud platform

core products

mobile development ECM

Mobile application software ECM focuses on the development of medium and large mobile APPs, and develops APP applications based on Apple and Android for customers, and develops framework, native (nativeapp) and lightweight APP (lightAPP) according to the different needs of customers Application, while using HTML5+CSS3 to develop WebAPP suitable for multi-screen mobile devices

E-commerce development platform ECP

E-commerce integrated software platform system ECP is the leading Internet-based e-commerce in China The transaction platform system adopts the SOA component model to associate different functional units (or services) of e-commerce applications through interfaces and contracts defined between services to form a rich e-commerce application suite. At the same time, ECP integrates rich electronics ECP focuses on building an e-commerce CBBS ecosystem for industry-leading companies to help them achieve outstanding performance in the business field

O2O suite ECO

ECO (ElectronicCommerceOnlineToOffineSuite) is China’s leading E-commerce O2O application software integration suite. It can help organizations make better management decisions based on offline entities and online e-commerce platform applications, reduce O2O operating costs and improve O2O application performance. ECO can coordinate the entire ecosystem to deliver consistently throughout the customer's entire shopping journey The best experience to promote predictable performance growth. ECO includes purchasing, marketing, sales, logistics and service processes that take the customer as the decision-making and action center, and coordinate offline and online sales, warehousing, service, logistics, payment, and experience In order to improve customer loyalty, profitability and agility

E-commerce operation management ECR

FEC e-commerce ERP system is an e-commerce closely integrated with e-commerce Business background management software, and independent e-commerce platforms (B2C, C2C, etc.), Taobao, Jingdong, Yihaodian, etc., open up data channels, can manage multiple stores, covering sellers from Taobao, Jingdong, etc. download orders, order delivery, Procurement, inventory, logistics, finance, membership, wholesale agency sales, data analysis, etc., integrated business management, open up with Cainiao Yunzhan and SF logistics interface

fan operation platform ECSNS

ECSNS e-commerce fan operation platform (ElectronicCommerceSocialNetworkingServices) is a combination of e-commerce (ElectronicCommerce) and forums (BBS), social networks (SNS), portals (Portal), groups (Group), customer management systems (CRM), points (Credit) , OpenPlatform applications are fully integrated into an integrated Internet platform, and are fully applied to independent large-scale e-commerce and fan member operation large-scale network platforms such as Xiaomi Mall, Huawei Mall, etc. This type of platform spreads the brand, Accumulate and precipitate members. Improve platform membership stickiness and enhance e-commerce platform sales capabilities

All-channel e-commerce-chopsticks

Chopsticks is an integrated comprehensive application software system that helps traditional enterprises to transform the Internet. Front-end transaction systems (B2B, C2C, B2C, etc.) required by merchants integrate back-end e-commerce operation systems (order processing, logistics systems, supply chain systems, membership systems, etc.)

Chopsticks Cloud

Chopsticks Cloud is China's first e-commerce cloud platform for small and medium-sized enterprises created by cloud computing technology. Through Chopsticks Cloud, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises can configure and deploy independent Internet-oriented multi-screen (PC and mobile terminals) and the entire network (independent B2C, C2C, B2B, O2O, and third-party platforms such as Tmall) in a very short time. Integrated) e-commerce websites and applications. Through Chopsticks Cloud, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises have not only standardized internal management, but also reshaped the boundaries of traditional enterprises, and strengthened and improved Internet sales portals and Internet operation capabilities

Core Technology


Powerful website content management system


Distributed mass object storage


Distributed Mass File Storage System


Distributed massive search engine


High-performance image processing engine


E-commerce data analysis engine


Distributed Cloud Architecture


E-commerce cloud computing

Honor Achievements

More than dozens of e-commerce software systems and software such as ECO, ECP, Chopsticks Cloud, etc. have national copyrights

Pictures (7 photos)

May 2009 In September, based on the intelligent wireless monitoring of the mobile communication network, obtained the national utility model patent certificate

In December 2014, it was recognized as a double-best enterprise

In March 2015, it was issued by the IEBE Awarded the 2014 Valuable E-commerce Service Organization Award

In May 2015, it was awarded the “Double Excellent Enterprise” by the Shenzhen Software Industry Association

In June 2015, it was awarded the National High-tech Technology Enterprise

20 In July 2015, won the Shenzhen high-tech enterprise

September 2015, won the e-commerce industry Internet innovation enterprise

October 2015, won the e-commerce industry outstanding enterprise

In November 2015, won the Internet + Innovation Competitiveness Credit Enterprise

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