Far East University of Science and Technology

About the University

Far East University was founded in 1966. Tainan is located in the northern suburb of New Town station before, only a hundred meters away from the provincial front-line units, regardless of railways, highways, traffic will have to fit the theory and practice, the school is committed to the implementation of industry-university cooperation, and Innolux, Huahong Technology , speed process automation, Huan ho Technology, Fong Kee international Machinery, FCS precision industry, Trans Union Co., Hsinchu logistics, Po Nga department stores, unified enterprise, Wang Pin restaurants, Grand Formosa Regent Taipei, Tainan Tayih Landis hotel ...... a total of 138 companies signed a production contract school, off-campus internships for students to enabling both graduate employment. In recent years, the establishment of the Tainan Science Park, not only conducive to the common development of industry-university cooperation between the school and the well-known enterprises, but also provides the students a good full employment environment. School administrative organization has Dean, Student Affairs, General Services, R & D Department, academia, the education department, Accounting Office, Personnel Office, Office of the Secretary, teaching resource center, library, computer center, creative center, intercollegiate development Center, the total studies Center, Center for sustainable materials and other units. Department of Mechanical Engineering schools (as), automation control systems, materials and Energy Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering (as), Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering, Department of Optical Engineering, Department of Industrial Design, Digital Media Design and Management, Innovation design and entrepreneurial management Department (the) creative product design and management, marketing and Distribution management (as), Department of business Administration, Department of information management, restaurant management, Tourism Department of English, leisure and sport management department, cosmetic applications and management Department of Tourism management, Department of General Education Center. About ten thousand people school students, 282 teachers, four colleges, 19 Department and four master classes Institute.


Far East University - Founder and Dr. Chancellor Chancellor Wang Naichang Lincoln University Philosophy (1966 ~ in 2005)

The current principal Wangyuan Ren American Alan Dr. Baxter international University of Business (in 2005 ~)

winning record

won the 2008 Pittsburgh international invention Exhibition silver medal, two special prizes, outstanding gold medal two faces, two faces excellent silver Award

won the 2008 Geneva international Exhibition of Inventions two gold, one silver, one bronze four special prizes

won the 2008 Moscow international Exhibition of Inventions three gold medals, two silver medals and a special Award

won the 2008 Korea international women's invention Exhibition 1 gold, 8 copper, a special award

won the 2008 Thailand international invention Exhibition a gold medal and a bronze medal

won the 2007 London international invention Exhibition four gold and a special award five prizes

won the 2007 Taipei international invention Exhibition a gold, two silver, two copper and a special prize, six awards

The third international Exhibition of Inventions Korean school won a special prize, the three gold medal, two silver medals, three bronze award

at the 2006 Nuremberg international invention Fair access to two gold, a silver, one bronze and the highest honor a special award

2006 Geneva international invention contest access to two gold, one silver, two copper and two special prizes

won the "1994 national invention & creation Award contribution Award "- silver Award

2005 Geneva international invention contest shine! I. The one gold, two silver, copper (II) and three special prizes


Far East University - Research Center for Micro Nano Technology R & D Center

environmental protection materials Center

biotechnology research and development center

plastic precision machining centers

precision manufacturing Center

valuable instrument Center

Optical Center

energy Center

water quality Center

creativity Center

E-Commerce development Center

small e-business Research Center

energy conservation Center

sister school


Tianjin light Industry Vocational Institute of technology

Tianjin, Hebei Vocational College

Tianjin Binhai Vocational Institute

Tianjin Sino-German Vocational and technical College

Qufu Far East Vocational and technical College < / p>

famous alumni

Wei Te-sheng (the famous director)

Peng Qiaqia (well-known artists)

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