Fair trade

Legal article Fair trade

"Consumer Rights Protection Law" Article 10, paragraph 1, stipulates: "Consumers have the right to fair transactions." for consumers Effectively enjoy fair trading rights gave legal guarantee.

The right to fair trading in consumers is mainly reflected in two aspects: First, there is the right to obtain equity transaction conditions such as quality assurance, reasonable price, correct measurement. Quality assurance is the basic requirement of consumers to buy goods or accept services, which is a major problem that is related to human health and personal safety. The price is reasonable and fully reflected in the principle of equivalent exchange. The accuracy of the measurement directly involves the economic interests of consumers. Therefore, the operator must guarantee quality and reasonable price, and the measurement is correct. Second, consumers have the right to refuse the mandatory trading behavior of operators. Some operators often have a very tight product or service, and often violate the market guidelines for equal voluntary and fair transactions, violating consumers' wishes to enforce transactions, thus damaging consumers to choose goods or services. Right, infringed the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Therefore, when consumers are infringed in their fair trading rights, they have the right to request operators to correct mistakes, providing quality, reasonable price, correct service, and have the right to refuse to mandatory transactions and obtain reasonable compensation.

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