Exterior wall hanging board

Hanging Board Classification

Fiber cement exterior wall hanging board

Fiber cement board is used for exterior walls, but in China is recent Year of the year. Due to the fiber cement wall board fire prevention, heat insulation, anti-aging, no radiation, low cost, energy saving and environmental protection, easy construction, easy to engrave and create a simple natural architecture, has begun in some national-level projects Use, such as the Shanghai World Expo China Theme Pavilion, Ministry of Public Security Badminton Hall, etc. With the advancement of society, fiber cement exterior wall will be more and more use in a variety of building walls, and become the mainstream of architecture like foreign countries.

Metal outer wall hanging plate

Metal exterior wall hanging board, can also be divided into two categories. One type is a composite lanyard, mainly three parts composition, the surface is a high-quality color finished metal plate treated by special coatings, and the intermediate layer is a flame retardant hard high-density polyurethane foaming heat-resistant heat layer, bottom surface It is an aluminum foil protective layer that is thermally insulated and temperactal. The metal exterior hanging plate itself has insulation insulation, waterproof flame retardant, light seismic, construction convenient, noise reduction, green environmental protection, beautiful and durable, and is simple and practical due to its plate assembly, and is not subject to seasonal environmental restrictions. Therefore, the installation is very safe and convenient, all in the seasons. This kind of innovative exterior wall is highlighted by the advantages of new sheets. But the price is relatively high. The second category is a single layer metal exterior wall hanging board. It is manufactured by a high-quality building coating steel sheet. Compared with the composite metal hanging plate, other properties are equally exceeded in addition to the lack of insulation, and the material prices are much lower. This kind of hanging plate adapts to the domestic steel structure, the increasing construction trend of the simple structure, and has received more and more extensive applications in recent years. At the same time, because of the excellent architectural appearance of single-layer hanging boards, it is also used in the field of architectural curtain walls, and more and more replaces traditional curtain wall materials.

PVC exterior wall hanging board

PVC exterior wall hanging board, it is a plastic profile of hard polyethylene chloride, used for the outer wall of the building; The role of coverage, protection and decoration. Polyvinyl chloride exterior walls can also be recycled, and the manufacturing process consumes less cement and tiles, which is a green building material that is conducive to environmental protection. PVC exterior wall hanging board installation is simple and fast, can be combined with a wall of various structures; all dry operation construction is basically not affected by the season; it is easy to clean during use (can be rinsed), no maintenance (without paint and paint ); Performance ratio is high, the outer wall hanging plate also has the advantages of flame retardant, anti-humidity, corrosion resistance, and aging, service life can reach more than 30 years. Furious, traditional color plus fine clouds, will protect the brightness of housing protection. The colors of the dash, never disappear, and the phenomenon of falling and foaming. Also differs from wood, due to moisture, rotten or bending deformation, more importantly, PVC exterior wall hanging plates protective houses, solid polyethylene material structures can resist bad weather, so that housing for many years new.

Solid wood exterior wall hanging board

solid wood exterior wall hanging plate texture, texture is beautiful, wood is the earliest materials used by humans, and the only renewable renewable in today's four major materials in today's world Naturally degradation of biological resources, wooden wall plates are small, high intensity, anti-vibration, vibration, low thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, strong durability, elasticity, and toughness, easy processing. Exterior wall solid wood hanging plate raw material anti-corrosion is water as a solvent, dissolving effective antiseptic agents in water, and implanting it into a chemical modified wood that reaches anti-corrosion after wood cell tissue by a certain process condition. Commonly used materials are Pinus sylvestris, southern pine, red snow, etc., treatment agents are CCA, CA (copperzole), ACQ, etc.

Stone outer wall hanging board

Stone is also a common outer wall hanging board, and he has most of the features required by the outer wall hanging board, and has been used by many buildings. The defect of stone, one is that some stone has radiation, which will cause a certain damage to the human body; the second is that stone is non-renewable resources, the price is expensive; the third is heavy, the outer wall and the steel structure are high.

Common Features

1, good decorative style

Exterior wall hanging board

Fiber cement board and wood, stone belongs to natural colors, is naturally simple, PVC board and metal plate design Imitation wood grain and other patterns, the colors of the dash.

2, wide range of use:

is harmful to cold, durable, anti-UV resistance. It has good corrosion resistance to acid, base, salt, and moisture. No pollution, renewable use; environmental performance is good. Easy to clean, exempt from later maintenance.

3, fire prevention performance:

The fire prevention performance of stone is the highest, the fiber cement plate is a1 level, followed by the PVC exterior wall, the oxygen index is 40, flame retardant and fired Self-extinguishing; in line with national fire standard B1 (GB-T8627-99), and metal exterior wall is b2, and the wooden outer wall hanging board is to reach fire prevention requirements.

4, high energy saving:

The inside of the PVC exterior wall can be extremely convenient to install the thermal insulation material such as polystyrene foam, so that the outer wall insulation effect is better. The hot material is like a "cotton coat" to the house and the PVC hanging board is "jacket". The metal exterior wall is integrated with the charge material polyurethane and the metal steel sheet. It is temporarily unable to compare the insulation effect. It is dependent on the thickness of the insulation material. However, the same thickness, the polyurethane is 2 times the phenyl sheet holding effect.

5, topical waterproof:

PVC exterior wall hanging plate is a lock-mounted connection, which can play a local waterproof, and the metal hanging plate is the same.

6, easy to install, low price:

is dry construction; it is easy to install and firm and reliable. The engineering of the exterior wall hanging board is the most labor-saving decoration decoration plan. There is a local damage, just replace the new hanging board in this part, simple and fast, easy to repair.

7, long service life:

The longest life of stone, the fiber cement plate is more than 50 years, anti-corrosion wood is more than 30 years, PVC exterior wall hanging plate use deadlines at least 25 In the year, the surface is a double-layer co-extrusion adding Geloy's product life for more than 30 years, and the metal hanging board can reach more than 15 years.


1. Cost

PVC hanging board is the lowest, followed by fiber cement hanging plate, re-wood outer wall plate, again metal Board, the most expensive stone.

2. Artificial efficiency

PVC hanging plate is the highest, followed by fiber cement hanging plate, re-wood exterior wall, once again is a metal plate, and finally stone.

3. Fire prevention performance

Stone is preferably, second fiber cement plate, second metal plate, and finally the solid wood exterior wall and PVC hanging board.

4. Welcome time

Stone is the best, second fiber cement plate, re-wood outer wall plate, re-metal plate, and final PVC board.

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