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July 16, 1985, "Exploration and Controversy" is raised by the "Exploration and Controversy" column in the "Social Federation of Social Federation" in the internal publication.

June 4, 1993, "Exploration and Controversy" is changed to monthly.

January 1, 2003, "Exploration and Controversy" is opened by small 16 to internationally 16 open.

January 1, 2007, "Exploration and Controversy" expands to 80 pages.

January 1, 2013, "Exploration and Controversy" expands to page 96.

In November 2014, the issue became the first batch of academic journals of the IPSPA.

On May 17, 2018, the computer end of the "Exploration and Controvers" website, the mobile terminal, the WeChat is online, and the investment system is officially enabled.

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    Shanghai Social Sciences Federation, according to the official website of the Institute in May 2018, Shanghai Social Federation has 166 disciplines in society, and 17 private social science research institutions, 69,677 members. .


    "Exploration and Controversy" publishes the content of sociology, economics, political science, law, philosophy, education, history, literature, etc.

    "Exploration and Confucian" settings are: this publication, round table meeting, academic contend, famous interview, current affairs observation, economic reform, cultural vision, education, history, Hook, Youth Forum.

    Readers of "Exploration and Controversy" mainly come from young scholars in the country, doctoral student, master's degree.

    Personnel preparation

    According to the "Exploration and Controversy" official website, "Exploration and Controversy" editor has 5 executive committees and 4 editors.

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    "Exploration and Conceive" Editorial Board
    Name Open Transaction
    Li Mei Editorial Director Responsible for sociology, economics, etc.
    Du Yunquan Editing Responsible for sociology, economy Learning
    Du Yunquan Edit Responsible for political , Law, etc.
    editing Responsible philosophy, education, etc.
    Yang Yicheng edit Responsible for historical, literature, etc.
    许嵘嵘 special editing Responsible for website maintenance Ye Xiaolin Internship Editor Responsible for website maintenance Phase Responsible version, etc.
    Fengci Specifications Responsible for the issuance of

    Office results


    According to May 29, 2018 China's knowledge network shows, "exploration and contend" publication of 7822 documents.

    According to May 29, 2018, 4,957 copies of the "Exploration and Controversy".

    Collection case

    "Exploration and Conceive" is CSSCI Chinese Social Science Citation Index (2017-2018) Source Periodical (including extended version); Peking University "Chinese Core Journals Overview "source journals (2008 edition, 2011 edition, 2014 edition).

    Influence Factor

    According to China May 29, 2018 China How to show, "Exploration and Conceiving" total number is 29929 times, total downloads 1792614 times, (2017 version) The composite impact factor is 0.994, (2017 version) The integrated impact factor is 0.691.

    As of May 29, 2018, the Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform shows that "exploration and contend" total is 2536 times, downloaded is 236253; according to 2015 Chinese Journal Corgal Report (Expansion The data shows that the "exploration and contend" influence factor is 0.72, ranked 1824th in all statistical source journals (6735), ranked 96th in social science theory, politics, and philosophy (489).

    In CSSCI (2017-2018) Nanta core directory, "Exploration and Conceive" ranked 7th in the National Comprehensive Social Science Journal.

    According to the statistics of Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics, 2013-2016, including "Xinhua Wen Pick", "Chinese Social Science Digest", "Exploration and Controvers" ranking is 3rd , 6th, 8th, 4th.

    According to the statistics of the Chinese Renmin University's book, the reprinting amount of "exploration and contend" has always been maintained in the Social Sciences, the Social Federation of the Social Federation. 2014-2017 ranking is the 9th, 5th, 4th, and 6th.

    Honor commended

    2003, "Exploration and Controversy" won the honor of excellent journals in East China.

    December 19, 2013, "Exploration and Controversy" won the honor of the 3rd China Publishing Government Award Nomination Award.

    November 01, 2017, "Exploration and Controversy" won the honor of the National Social Science Fund.

    2017, the results of the quality inspection situation in Shanghai, "Exploration and Controversy" magazine were named the quality of quality.

    Cultural Tradition

    Image Identification

    办刊 刊 <

    "Exploration and Controversy" magazine is based on "Academic Thought", Adhere to "Thought Warm Academics, Academic Care Reality", "advocate free exploration, encourage academic contend", in the immediate, public, interdisciplinary, ideological as the core of the core, track the times and reform big tide, capture academic frontier problems, Combine theoretical exploration and academic contend.

    Journal leaders

    current leaders

    "Exploration and Controversy" Editor's Office
    Name Directs transaction
    Ye Zi brother < / TD> Editor Responsible for editing department full work
    Li Mei Editorial Department Director Responsible for editing specific transactions

    facing the leaders < / h3>

    < TD> Qiao Lin
    Yes Editor ID
    1991-1993 Zhang Lingyun
    1994-1996 Chen Linhui
    1998-1999 Wang Demin
    2000-2007 Pan Liming
    2010-2014 Qin Dynasty
    2016 - Today Ye Zhii
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