Except for the terms of responsibility


To pay special attention to the two types of terms: insurance liability clauses and except for insurance liability. Each insurance company each insurance company has except for the existing responsibility. In the insurance product, "Except for the Terms of Responsibility" is an item that excludes specific hazards and guarantees, such as arrested by the insured, suicide within two years, and drunk driving, drunk driving. Except for the responsibility must be listed in the policy, otherwise it will be invalid.

should clearly realize that every insurance is only responsible for a particular insurance accident, don't mistake it, "As long as you buy insurance, any accident insurance company is responsible for compensation." Since the limit of compensation is ultimately defined by a specific insurance terms, it is important to see that the insurance terms are critical to the right insurance products that suits themselves.

Serious reading Terms are premise

A complete insurance terms generally include insurance liability, except for liability (or responsibility exemption), insurance amount (or compensation), insurance period, compensation Handling, insured and insured, and other important matters. When insured, you need to carefully read every part of the insurance terms. If you encounter unknown places, you can first turn on the relevant noun explanation in the terms; or timely ask the insurance company customer service center; or consult a high professional level Insurance business personnel; you can also consult a lawyer. Don't fall any details when you read the terms, because any confirmed place may lead to unnecessary disputes in the future.

Two key content

In the reading insurance terms, the insurance liability clauses and except for the except responsible terms are particularly concerned, accurately understand and grasp these two key content can we be insured. The initiative is in your own hands.

Insurance Terms Mainly describes the protection scope and content of insurance, which is where insurance companies must be liable or give insurance liability. It is not to say that the accident or insurance incidents listed in the insurance liability provision, the insurance company will definitely be responsible, which will also analyze the except for liability or responsibility exemption. For accidents, accidents caused by moral or illegal activities, as well as accidents that are difficult to predict, insurance companies generally do not undertake, called "responsibility exemption" or "except responsibility". For example, the insurance accident in the motor vehicle insurance is killed or the purchase of people in life is committed to death within 2 years. The insurance company is not responsible for compensation or payment insurance.

Different insurance or different companies' same insurance, the projects that are not covered are different, often in the "responsibility exemption" or "except responsibility" of the insurance terms to remind the insurance consumers. Consumers should take care of these conditions after purchasing insurance to avoid accidents and cannot claim. Therefore, when reading insurance clauses, consumers should pay equal attention to the "Responsibility Exemption" section and "Insurance Lesions".

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See clear external responsibility

is also known as responsibility, referring to the insurer's scope of insurance responsibility in accordance with the legal provisions or contract, is Restrictions on insurance liability.

Seeing responsibility to avoid

Before the insured, you must first understand which is except for the responsibility, and the insurance of its own insurance includes which accidents compensation. Only in this way, it will not be able to get compensation for insurance companies after the accident.

Responsibility is exempting is the scope of the insurer if the insurer is not loaded in the insurance contract. The responsibility is exempt from most ways to use, that is, in its entirety in the insurance terms, the insurer is not liable. Logically, the content listed in the responsibility exemption is subject to the scope of insurance, but now it is removed from it. There are many incidents included in the general insurance liability, so it is difficult to put the insurance liability, most incidents are insurance liability, only a small part of the incident does not belong to insurance responsibility, and then do not belong to insurance liability A small part of the event is defined as a responsibility exemption, from being removed. In this way, what is insurance responsibility, what belongs to the responsibility, it is very clear. When a certain event occurs, we look at whether it belongs to insurance responsibility. If it is not an insurance responsibility, the insurer is not responsible; if it belongs to insurance responsibility, we look at whether it belongs to the responsibility, if it belongs to the responsibility, the insurer is still Don't be responsible; if you don't belong to your responsibility, the insurer is responsible for paying the insurance.

Except for the scope of the non-liable responsibility of the policy. Except for the list of enumerations in the statement in the warranty, it can also be clarified by unrecognizable ways, which is the except for disaster accidents that are not included in the underwriting range.

Any insurance item is not universal, there is always some responsibility content that cannot pay. This is because insurance companies are operating, profitable, and to consider the risk of undertaking. Insurance companies should seriously investigate risks, avoiding the risk of insured, causing insurance companies. Correspondingly, insurance companies are screened by risks, and there are more probability that there is a large amount of risk, and there is more risk of loss as except for except.

Responsibility Details

Except for responsibility is also known for the

Article Article Article Article Article 2 What caused by the following reasons, the insurer is not responsible for compensation:

< P> (1) Earthquake and its second birth;

(b) war, military conflict, terrorist activities, riots, seizure, penalty, seal, government expropriation;

(3) Nuclear reactions, nuclear pollution, nuclear radiation;

(4) victim and the insured or driver malicious collaboration;

(5) Insured, driver or victim deliberately Resulting in an accident.

When an accident accident occurs, the insurance vehicle has one of the following cases, the insurer is not liable for compensation:

Except for the terms of responsibility

(1), unless otherwise agreed, an insurance accident occurs The legal and effective driving license, number plate, or temporary license or temporary mobile certificate issued by the traffic management department of public security organs;

(2) does not perform motor vehicle safety technical inspection or inspection within the specified inspection deadline Did not pass;

(3) Insurance vehicles in the competition, testing, repair, maintenance, seizure, expropriation, confiscation, all car is stolen, robbery, snatch;

(four ) Trailed vehicles that have not been insured to insure insurance or traction of such vehicles;

(fifth) Insurance vehicle transfer others, the insured, the acceptance of the second part of this insurance contract "General Terms" The provisions of the fifteet provisions of the notice of the provisions have increased insurance accidents due to the risk of danger of insurance vehicles.

When an accident occurred, the driver has one of the following cases, the insurer is not liable for compensation:

(1) did not obtain a driver's license according to law, The driver's license is specified, driving and driving the driver's license is not in conformance;

(2) The driver is lost, damaged, more than validity or by law, temporary During the period or score reached 12 points, still driving a motor vehicle;

(3) There is no trainer without trainer when learning driving;

(4) in the internship period driving a bus , Operated passenger cars, fire trucks, ambulances, engineering rescue vehicles, and dangerous goods such as explosive goods, flammable and explosive chemicals, highly toxic or radioactivity, or driving motor vehicles traction trailer ;

(5) Drinking or taking national controlled psychotropic drugs or anesthetic drugs;

(six) did not drive without being consent or allowed by the insured;

(7) Use insurance vehicles to engage in criminal activities;

(eight) After the accident, the insured or driver is driving an insurance vehicle or an abandoned insurance vehicle in the case of notice according to law. At the scene of the accident, or deliberately destroyed, forged scenes, destruction evidence;

(9) using a variety of special machine cars, personnel of special vehicles, the effective operating license issued by relevant departments, driving business bus The driver has a valid qualification certificate issued by the relevant departments of the state;

(10) does not allow driving of insurance vehicles in other cases of driving insurance vehicles in accordance with relevant regulations or public security organ traffic management departments.

Article 5 The following losses and expenses, the insurer is not responsible for compensation:

(1) The insured or driver and the personal injury or all of their family members, and all or Loss of property;

(b) personal injury or property loss on the car;

(3) Insurance vehicle accident causes third party to suspend business, Power, power outage, stop water, stop, stop production, communication or network interruption, loss of data loss, voltage change, and other various indirect losses;

(4) car cargo drop, leak, Any loss and expenses caused by corrosion;

(5) Due to loss and expenses caused by pollution;

(6) third party property due to the depreciation and repair of market price changes Loss caused by value reduction;

(7) parking fee, storage fee, buckle fee and various fines;

(eight) Any mental damages arising from insurance accidents

(9) The insured shall be borne according to the insured of the insurance policy.

Article 6 shall be lost and expenses, and the insurer is not responsible for compensation.

Insurance vehicle is not insured, the insurance contract has been invalid, and the insurer is not responsible for compensation for loss and expenses within the limit of the insurance liability limit.

Article 7 Others are not responsible for compensation for losses and expenses from the scope of insurance liability.


The insurance contract has the agreement of "responsibility exemption", such as the loss caused by disasters such as earthquakes, explosions, and insurance companies are generally not responsible. Some specific insurance, except for many seemingly related responsibilities, such as car damage, it seems that as long as the car is lost, it can be compensated. In fact, it is not. When the car spontaneously, the insurance company will not pay; the glass is broken, the insurance company does not pay; when the car tire bursts, the insurance company does not undertake the tire loss fee, but if the car causes the collision due to tires, insurance companies will give a lifting Loss outside the tire loss costs. Because there is a special type of insurance, the insurance company has a special type of insurance, so the vehicle loss is not responsible.

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