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Idiom Analysis

[Synonym] Hei Chicken Group, Super Quarten

[Antonym] Anti-Flex, Invitation Unobsic


< P> "Mencius Gongshu is ugly": "The people of the saints are also. For their class, wenceute it, since the self-generation, there has not been as strong as Confucius."

idiom Usage

Joint; as predicate, object, attributive; content, for people or things


Among the people like the sea, there is a labor hero everywhere, these hero itself is the bright flowers of the people. ◎ Yang Wei "Spring Word"

idiom story

Mencius, name, word, Zou Guo (now Southeast Zoucheng, Shandong), is the grandson of Confucius student. He inherited Confucius's learning and is the great thinker in the Warring States Period, educator.

One day, Mencius's student Gongshun asked Mencius: "Teacher, ancient Bo Yi, Yi Yin is almost in Confucius?" Mencius said: "If Confucius's students have said: ' The same kind can be compared, such as Kirin with other beasts, phoenixes with other flying birds, Taishan with other hills, the river sea with the water, and the former is far more than the latter. Saints and others are also The same class, but the saints are far beyond, and it is too much other people (out of its classship). Since its own, no one is more great than Confucius. "

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