Everyone who loves me

Creative Background

"Redo a Dream" EP Program, SELINA and the company have sent three major Chinese music to the Chinese music scene, Wang Lihong, Lin Junjie, Zhou Jielun invited a song, despite the 2011 5 I received Demo, but because of the mood of SELINA, the physical condition has not yet stable, so the EP-related work has been delayed, until 2011, SELINA rehabilitation status, EP program It is necessary to formal start. SELINA started recording in October, this is the first time after she is injured, and the recording of the record company colleague launched the team to applaud her start, let Selina moved to tears, and the first song of the recording is "Everyone who loves me" This song is to thank all the way to support her since this way. Selina knows that many people express their concern through her friend's family, and come to her, and her heart is full of thanks It is all in this "Love, everyone", "Everyone who loves me" is composed by Lin Junjie, and the writer is Yao Ruolong who fills the more delicate and touching lyrics for She. It is also a selina wedding. Le "I love you" author. He did not communicate with SELINA, just read Selina every mood record that said, "everyone who loves me", the lyrics let Selina are deeply touched, the words sentence sentences all the most want to say Touched and thanks to all depicted, especially singing "Thank you, love everyone, let me work hard, thank you very well; I will not pass, or desperate to avoid, but you do, always let me think Strong responsibility, in order to love the born ", let Selina sang a few collapses in the recording room, the number of tears, unable to recording, although Selina has not opened recorded, but the singing cavity is more powerful, produced The teacher, the teacher, laughed, said that her body is very good, more and more copies, the thickness of the song is much more than before.

Song lyrics

pain in the eyes into tears

becomes a gray in the heart

Nothing can comfort

< P> I am afraid that it is time to turn into a tired

is imagined to become a sad hope is smashed

uneasy sometimes crash

sometimes complain

< P> It seems that you don't want to see how much exhaustion you hide

but still insist on sleeping with the love, I will touch me. "Thank you

" Everyone who loves me

is most like a nightmare in my life

accompanying I break free from

brave wake up

as my guard

pray for me to pray more tough "

Thank you for love me Everyone

Let me work hard, thank you for your very frankly

will not be able to do or desperate to avoid the

but you do

< P> I always let me want to be strong and responsible

In order to love the black

of the night to fly

to the blue sky

Sunshine surrounded

just for

You have a smile beautiful

I have neverned the

too long tears

You can see how much fatigue you hide

but still insist on Double Double Double

Let me touch it and let me know

Thank you.

Love me everyone

in my life is most like a nightmare journey

accompany me to break freely and wake up

When my guard

pray for me, the soul is stronger, "Thank you

Love me

let I can thank yourself very frankly

will not be able to avoid

but you do

you do. I want to be strong and responsible

for the buddhism to make

behind the scenes

compact: Lin Junjie

作 词: Yao Ruo Long

Arrangement: Huang Yuxun

Producer: Wang Ziping

Singing Producer: Ma Yufen

and Sound: Ma Yufen


Implementation: Zhang Jianjunwei

and Sound: Selina

Recorder: Martin

Recording: Huafang Egg Recording Room

Mixing Recording: Chen Lai

Mixing Recording: Mugwortstudio

op: Touch Music Publishing Pte Ltd., Compass < / P>

sp: Time Music Broker Co., Ltd.

op: Great Music Publishing Ltd.


Songs Appreciation

When singing "Everyone who loves me", Selina Thank you old day to make her sweet voice without injury, and I can sing her in the heart, thank you People who love her, let her have a stronger confidence, the more hunting from the original, she also misses the fans, hoping to recover their efforts, and the distance to face with everyone can get closer.

Song MV

Selina Bath Rebirth 374 days, in front of the 30th birthday and wedding, this song is given to our own gift, Also sent to everyone who loves her, MV is made by Billja, and the picture of the re-health road since the MV. The song has sang her card history, she thanked all people who love her. In addition, Selina is photographing MV, she is very sweet in her face, and the smile is still sweet, and she can also see her scars in the initial burn.

Behind the scenes

Producer: Wang Ziping

Singing Producer: Ma Yufen

and Sound: Ma Yufen

< p> Guitar: Lu Jiahong

Execution: Zhang Junjunwei

and Sound: Selina

Recording: Martin

Recording: China Relio Egg Recording

Mixing Recording: Chen Litai

Mixing Recording: Mugwort Studio

Release Information

Published company: Hua research International Music

Copyright: Hua Yan International Music

Release Date: December 16, 2011

op - touch Music Publishing Pte Ltd., Compass

SP - Time Music Broker Co., Ltd.

op - Great Music Publishing Ltd.

ISRC-TW-D95-11- 471-01

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