EU round-value presidential country


December 1991, European Community Mastricht Summit adopted the "Mastrich Treaty" (abbreviation make an appointment"). On November 1, 1993, "Maox" officially entered into force, and the EU was officially born.

The European existing 28 Member States and nearly 500 million people (July 2013), the EU's purpose is "By establishing spaceless space, strengthening the economic and social coordinated development and establishing the final implementation The economic currency alliance of the unified currency promotes the balanced development of the members of the members of the members of the Economic and Society, "" By implementing common diplomatic and security policies, the individuality of the Alliance is promoted on the international stage. " The total area of ​​the EU 28.72 million square kilometers.

Historical Level

At the beginning of the establishment of the Council, the presidency of the presidency is less, and the six member states are in the next one in the six months. As the number of members increases and the workload rises, the lack of coordination between the term has hindered the long-term development of the EU.

EU round-value presidential country

In order to correct this problem, the three combinations of combination have been raised, and the triple combination is to cooperate with a common political plan with three ten times. The three combinations have been implemented in 2007 and officially written in the European Union Basic Treaty in 2009.

The Lisbon Treaty also officially spacked the European Council from the European Union Board, which is great to reduce the importance of the President of the European Union Council, so that the heads of the country cannot be the European Director at the same time. Chairman of the meeting. The Lisbon Treaty also splits the EU Foreign Affairs Committee from the EU General Council, and senior European Foreign Affairs and Safety Policy have also need to share the work of the chair.

In addition to being planned to decrease the status of the President of the Council, in fact, its influence is expected to be low. The role that was previously taken by the Chairman Foreign Ministry was replaced by the EU Diplomacy and Security Policy. The European Council has also begun to implement a fiscal policy, and the most important policy part is still exercising power by the ROGO.

In 2016, in 2016, it was then given up in the original post of the presidency of the EU Council in December 2017 to the President of the EU Council. . Estonia is used to take over the six-month vacancy time in the UK. The President is currently (July - December 2020) was held by Germany.

July 1, 2021, Slovenia began to serve as a half-year European presidency of the European EU-speaking president.

Basic file and its purpose

The basic document of the European Community "Rome Treaty" stipulates that its purpose is to establish constant, more close, united foundations between people of European countries. Clear the barriers of split Europe to ensure the advancement of economic and social development, and continuously improve the conditions of people's lives and employment, and promote international exchange through common trade policies. It emphasized in the "European Single Document" to modify the "Rome Treaty": the European Community and European cooperation aims to jointly promote the development of Europe's unity, and jointly contribute to maintaining world peace and security.

The European EC is set up: Board. Including the European Union Council and the European Council. The European Union Council originally said that the Ministerial Council is the decision-making body of the European community and has the vast majority of legislative power of the European community. Since Maoxic has given the responsibility of the Ministerial Council with intergovernmental cooperation within the European Union, the Ministerial Council has reforming the European Union Council since 8 November 1993. The Council of the European Union is divided into the General Council and the Special Council, and the former shall participate in the foreign ministers of various countries, and the latter participates in other ministers. The European Council is the Summit Member of the European Community, which has established a political policy for the internal construction of the European Community and the external relationship. In the December 1974, the European Community Summit decided that since 1975, the summit was institutionalized and officially known as the European Council. In the "European Single Document" in July 1987, the European Council was composed of the heads of member states or the head of the head of the state, and the Chairman of the European Community Committee, held at least two meetings a year.

Maox is clearly stipulated in the central status of the European Council in the European Union. The chairman of the Council was taken by the member states, called "EU round-valued presidency" for a long time for half a year. The order is basically arranged in the country name written by the Chinese text.

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