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This book is introduced, inspeir, comments, etc., medium and lower three articles. The author believes that democracy, ethics, science is the three major focuses of revival of Chinese culture. The pages of life are based on the right life concept, and the correct outlook on life is based on the correct ethical concept, so the author's purpose is to point out correct Ethical views to establish the correct outlook on life, thus more meaningful and valuable, life is more pleasantly plead, social is more comfortable and happy.

Admissions, mainly discusses the meaning, importance, priority of the ethical philosophy, and the province of Chinese and Western ethics. The author believes that ethics philosophy is also known as ethics. It is first awarded, there is a principle of its own principles, pointing out the right direction of people's behavior, and its object is "human behavior" or "will behavior", mainly discussed the people Appropriate and reasonable relationships. As the knowledge of moisture, ethical philosophy, whether or other knowledge of the society, it is still the importance of other knowledge. At least four main prerequisites discussed by ethical philosophy: (1) God's existence; (2) the freedom of people; (3) The soul is not destroyed; (4) the concept of good and evil. It is good to think "Anything that can be adapted or satisfied with the needs of the matter." Good and ethical, absolutely good, and relatively good, objective good and subjective goodness, truth, goodness, goodness, entertainment and goodness. The evil is also divided into absolute evil and relatively evil, this body evil, physical evil and ethics. The author has made a brief explanation of Chinese and Western ethics.

Announcement, the author discusses the purpose of life, ethical behavior itself, the basis of ethical behavior, the root of ethical behavior and the root of ethical behavior, is the principle of ethical philosophy, belonging to theory Part: The author believes that the purpose of life is to obtain "good", "perfect", "happiness". Ethical Behavior is "Acceptive Intelligence Efficacy Promoting Behavior". The necessary conditions or factors of human ethical behavior are two: consciousness and voluntary. The awareness of behavior is the most fundamental basis of ethics. If people lack a sense of behavior, this behavior will never form an ethical behavior. Secondary ethics must be voluntary behavior, not forced behavior. The basis of ethical behavior or all the statements of the standards, the author analyzes the one by one. The root cause or basic factors of ethical behavior have three: objects of behavior; actors' purpose or motivation; behavioral conditions or conditions. They have different degrees of impact on ethical behavior.

The next comment of virtue and sin, it belongs to the practice, and the author discusses virtue and sin, including the introduction of morality, dexation and sin theory. In "Introduction to De", the author analyzes the habits and virtue, distinguishes the type of habits, and analyzes the habits from the subject, source and ethical aspects. At the same time, it discusses the species of virtue, that is, rational virtue and the meaning and importance of virtue. Further discusses Zhid, Yihe and other social morality related to YiDE, such as religion, family, citizen, national morality, etc. There is also a good fortune, and morality. The last chapter is evil, the author analyzes the meaning of sin, the type of sin, the cause (inner motivation, external motivation) and evil viciousness.

This book expounds the theory and practice of ethical philosophy from various perspectives, in which a detailed analysis of some issues is lacking in other works, suitable for references.

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Taiwan Commercial Press published in January 1985, 410,000 words.

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