Environmental Engineering

Synonym Environmental Engineering Professional General Refers to Environmental Engineering (China's Undergraduate Professional)

Professional Definition

Environmental Engineering Mainly Research Natural Resources Protection and Reasonable Utilization, Environmental Pollution Problem and Prevention , Basic knowledge and skills in environmental quality, etc., carry out environmental engineering construction, environmental monitoring, pollution prevention and the like. For example: the planning, air, water pollutant monitoring and analysis of water treatment projects, the monitoring and analysis of soil pollution, water pollution problems, etc. Compared with environmental science, more focused on engineering design and pollution prevention and treatment.

Environmental Engineering

Curriculum system

"Engineering Surveying", "Environmental Toxicology", "Soil Pollution Repair Technology", "Microbiology Basis", "Environmental Engineering Micro)," Reinforced Concrete " Structural design "," Environmental Machinery and Equipment "," Environmental Engineering Monitoring "," Soil Environment "," Environmental Molecular Biology ", in accordance with the following professional direction: marine environment engineering, marine oil and gas resources, environmental testing and quality evaluation .

Development prospects

Employment direction

engineering enterprise: water supply and drainage project, solid waste treatment project; chemical enterprises: environmental protection products research, production and manufacturing Government, business class: environmental planning, resource protection, environmental monitoring, environmental quality evaluation, pollutant monitoring, pollution control.

Postgraduate direction

Environmental Science and Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science.

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