Investment Case

As of now, Qiming Venture Partners has invested in more than 380 high-growth innovative enterprises, including more than 130 in the United States are the NYSE, Nasdaq, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Taiwan cabinet buying center, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and other stock exchanges, mergers and exit, there are more than 40 enterprises have become the industry recognized the unicorn and super unicorn business.

Qiming Venture Partners investment companies, many have grown into the most influential in their respective fields of companies, including millet Group (01810.HK), the US Mission Comments (03690.HK), beep beep miles miles (NASDAQ: BILI), stone Technology (688169.SH), Gan & Lee pharmaceutical (603087.SH), Tiger pharmaceutical (300347.SZ, 03347.HK), then Ding pharmaceutical (NASDAQ: ZLAB), Venus medical (02500.HK ), Kangxi Nuo biological (688185.SH, 06185.HK), Schrödinger (NASDAQ: SDGR), Thai medical benefits (688617.SH Friends medical), 688085.SH), Ed biological (300685.SZ), Berry gene (000710.SZ), China cells (688520.SH), micro Pharmaceutical Group, preferably Required like.

Management Team

< p> founding Managing partner --Gary Rieschel

founding Managing partner - Duane Enlightenment

Managing partner - Liang Jing Yu

Managing partner - Hu Xubo


Qing dynasties 2020 China venture capital organizations ten - fifth

2019 Hurun list of the world's unicorn - tenth

2019 Qing dynasties Chinese venture capital institutions ten

2019 hit China's best venture capital institutions - the fifth

2018 hit China's best venture capital institutions - the third

2018 Chinese Qing dynasties venture capital organizations ten

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