Engine performance


Engine Performance

The main engine performance indicators: speed, power, torque, fuel consumption and so on. These indicators usually be indicated in the description of the car or engine. Also, there are relative indicators, such as: or power, torque l, l quality than the quality, etc., can be compared among different engine.

Power: the maximum power, maximum torque, and the corresponding speed, an outer torque characteristic curve with the number of revolutions changes

Engine performance

Economy: BSFC over all the characteristics, and the idle fuel

environmental protection:? HC \ CO \ NO emission values ​​

leak testing

how analysis

detection result of the engine cylinder seal


affect sealability cylinder has seven main cylinder wear, piston ring is damaged, the piston wear, damage to the valve seat, valve guide wear, damage several aspects, the lash cylinder head gasket and the like.

common diagnostic methods are measurement of cylinder pressure, crankcase blow-by gas, the amount of leakage and leakage of the cylinder, the intake manifold vacuum, cylinder piston group because of excessive wear of large abnormal noise caused by vibration measuring wear metal crankcase is measured particle content.

to the cylinder compression pressure measurements, mainly four-stroke engine compression pressure at the end. Since the viscosity of the case with a pressure cylinder and piston group and a cylinder oil, etc., to adjust the valve mechanism is correct, and other factors cylinder pad sealing aspect, therefore, the measurement of engine cylinder pressure, the cylinder piston group can be diagnosed sealing the case, if the piston rings, valves, cylinder head gasket, if a good seal, the valve clearance must be appropriate.

sealability of the engine during the prior detection methods around the spark plug blown clean with compressed air was dirty, then remove the spark plug, it should be for the fuel ignition system for high-voltage secondary pull out to perform a reliable grounding, which is to prevent electric shock and a fire phenomenon, the dedicated cylinder gauge tapered rubber plug in the plug hole of the cylinder is measured, the centralizer must be pressed, for the throttle is dedicated It must be placed in the fully open position, the starter driven to rotate the respective crankshaft, if the pressure gauge indicated a certain holding hands, the best have a certain pressure readings nightmare stopped. Finally, remove the pressure gauge, note the reading can be.

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