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Terminal Classification

Terminal Classification: Common client devices are divided into two categories: a class is a fat client, a class is a thin client. Then, the open industrial standard architecture represented by PC is called "fat client", which is "fat client", and other "thin clients". The space and scale of the thin client industry are also very large, and it is not a scale of PC.

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Terminal customers' development trend

1. From the technical level, the data processing mode will also be greatly improved from the dispersion toward, and the user interface will be more user-friendly, manageability, and security will also be greatly improved; at the same time, communication and information processing methods will also be fully realized, and unprecedented System expansion capabilities and cross-platform capabilities.

2. From an application form, the network terminal device will not limit the traditional desktop application environment, with the diversification of the connection, it can be used as a desktop device, and can also be used in mobile and portable mode, and the terminal device will be diverse. Product morphology; in addition, with cross-platform capabilities, in order to meet the needs of different system applications, network terminal devices will also appear in numerous faces: UNIX terminal, Windows terminal, Linux terminal, web terminal, Java terminal, and the like.

3. From the application area, the terminal equipment of the character dumb terminal and the graphics terminal can only be used for the window service industry and counter business. Online banking, online securities, bank low cabinet business, etc. Non-counter business will be extensive. Using network terminal equipment, the application field of network terminal devices will also expand to emerging non-financial industries such as telecommunications, electricity, taxation, education and government.

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