Elliott Richardson

Character history

Elliott Richardson is born in Boston. In 1941, he graduated from Harvard University. During the Army in 1942-1945. After the Second World War, he returned to Harvard University. In 1947, he received a Ph.D. in the school, after the lawyer industry, and later held the assistant of the Congress Senator Sinton and the agent consultant of the Governor of Massachusetts. In 1957, the Ministry of Health, Education and Welfare is responsible for legislation. Minister of Assistant, Massachusetts Prosecutor, Justice Minister of Justice, deputy governor of Massachusetts and ministers, deputy secretary of customs, education and welfare ministers, and the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Justice in the same year. In the water gate survey, the name of the name is resigned because of the order of the decoction of Nixor's president to revoke the water gate event, special prosecutor Cox duties. In 1974, he went to the International Center of Woodlon Wilson. In 1975, the President of Gerald Ford was in 1975, in 1976, the Minister of Commerce, 1977 was appointed by Jimmy Carter, and the United Nations Ocean Conference was appointed by Jimmy Carter. Representatives of US President, in 1980, a partner of the United Nations Association, a member of the United Nations Association of the United Nations, the US International Law Society, the US Foreign Relations Committee, etc.


has a "creative balance".

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