Electromagnetic radiation measuring instrument


1. Electromagnetic radiation measuring instrument is used for electromagnetic radiation measurement of electromagnetic environment: electromagnetic radiation measurement of living room, office, computer room, control room, high-voltage line, transformer, transmission tower, etc. 2. Electromagnetic radiation measuring instrument is used for electromagnetic radiation measurement of electrical equipment: electromagnetic radiation measurement and analysis of electrical equipment such as computers, televisions, copiers, cables, monitors, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. 3. The electromagnetic radiation measuring instrument is used for the measurement of electromagnetic radiation protection function: the electromagnetic radiation measurement of the electromagnetic radiation shielding function of the electromagnetic protective clothing, the computer anti-radiation screen/protective material and the radio frequency signal monitoring in the confidential room or the shielding room.


The electromagnetic radiation measuring instrument is mainly composed of sensor, filter network, amplification part, analog-digital conversion, keyboard control, single-chip control unit, display and alarm part. The whole system is powered by a 9v battery, and the electromagnetic signal detected by the sensor probe is sent to the amplifying circuit through the filter network. The filtered and amplified signal enters the analog-to-digital conversion module, and the converted digital signal is sent to the single-chip microcomputer for processing. In the program design, the data obtained is calculated to obtain the size of the electromagnetic radiation power density, which is displayed on the liquid crystal module, and has the functions of peak holding and peak display. At the same time, an alarm is issued for the data exceeding the limit value, indicating that the measured power density value exceeds the limit value.


Measurement method of electromagnetic radiation measuring instrument:  Test computer: turn on the instrument and move the instrument close to the computer monitor or computer host. The closer to the computer monitor or host, the greater the radiation , The radiation of different computers will be different at small, the electromagnetic radiation of the computer may reach several thousand uw/square cm, and the radiation value measured by the instrument may display 0 (Note: when the electromagnetic radiation value of this instrument is less than 1uw/square When cm, the instrument will display 0);  Test method for radiation protection effect of radiation protection products:  Test the radiation protection effect of radiation protection clothing: first measure the computer or other radiation sources with a radiation tester, and put the radiation protection clothing in the middle. If the anti-radiation clothing is anti-radiation, the value displayed by the electromagnetic radiation measuring instrument will be significantly reduced.

Scope of application

1 Microwave section: rf (kv/m) 100khz-2.5ghz 2 Magnetic field section: 0-3milligauss 3 Magnetic field section: 0-100milligauss 4 Electromagnetic field section: 0- 100kilovolts/meter

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