Electromagnetic heating controller

heating principle

Plastic Machinery heating the domestic market is generally used in electric heating coil, the heat conduction by contact with the cartridge reached, only abut against the surface of the cartridge heat to spread to the inside of the cartridge, so that most of the heat is dissipated to the outside air, there is heat conduction losses, and leads to the ambient temperature rises. Further there is a disadvantage of the resistance wire heating power density is low, in some situations requires a higher heating temperature can not be adapted. Branch benefits electromagnetic heating control by electromagnetic induction technique is that the self-heating of the metal cylinder, and as the case may be outside the thermal insulation material wrapped cartridge certain thickness, thus greatly reducing the heat loss, improved thermal efficiency, saving effect is very significant, up to 30% to 75%. Because the electromagnetic coil itself does not heat the heating control, and is insulating material and high-temperature cable manufacture, so there is a resistance wire as heating coil primary oxidation at a high temperature to shorten the life issues, having a long service life, heating rate fast, no need maintenance, etc., reduces repair time and lower costs. Now use the majority of the plastics business, greatly reducing production costs.


electromagnetic heating controller is a new energy-saving heating products, with remarkable energy-saving effect, heating speed, high thermal efficiency, lower production temperature, maintenance-free notable feature, and the original production process, without any influence and change Caozuochengxu. Has been widely used in plastic processing and similar heating industry. Products in the plastic machinery (such as: energy-saving injection molding machine, granulating machine, film blowing machine, wire drawing machine), crude oil transportation, food machinery, pharmaceutical and chemical machinery, and other similar heating industry has been widely used.


1, then the product load characteristics: ordinary steel and iron-based material, the coil and the workpiece (for a special debug special materials) from the same material 15-30mm cartridge heaters may be connected to a plurality of groups, the distance between the coils is greater than 15CM;

Electromagnetic heating controller

2, the winding inductance: 160μH ~ 180μH measurement method: A series (SER);

3 , we provide a method according to the installation, the correct access to each interface;

4, electromagnetic heating power controller, if the indicator light flashes in the standby operating state. If the indicator light is not flashing, in working condition;

5, by a potentiometer R33, the power level can be adjusted.


1, the host to regularly dust, usually once a month in addition to, use a soft brush or air gun dust, to ensure good ventilation inside the instrument.

2, such as the use environment is the place to be sprayed with corrosive gases insulating varnish. Or with other materials in the insulation corrosion.

3, the air temperature is not higher than 50 ℃

inductance is only one application parameter only, specific to the measured current and operating frequency to match the power by increasing or decreasing the number of turns


industrial heating equipment: such as plastic injection molding machine machine, granulator, blown film machines, drawing machines, boilers, superheated steam, charcoal and the like in the energy saving;

civil heating products: electromagnetic heater, electromagnetic thermos, stove and other high electromagnetic heating appliances.

Main features

1, an electromagnetic induction heating method, electromagnetic induction heating coil mounted on the object to be heated externally, by the electromagnetic induction heating body. 2, good energy-saving effect: Compared with the traditional use of electric lap, saving up to 30%. 3, easy installation: two structures having a circular manner and an opening, and added insulating layer between the duct and the coil, and further improve the thermal efficiency of the insulation effect. 4, power density: single electromagnetic induction heating coil may replace the original 2--3 electrothermal circle. 5, low operating cost, low maintenance, one year free warranty and lifetime maintenance.

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