Electroacoustic device

Development Status

As the human beings entered the information age, the information dissemination is inseparable from "viewing" and "listening", "listening" is inseparable from the electroacoustic industry. Today, the adjustment of electronic industry, the rapid development of information technology and communication technology has produced a huge impact on the development of the electroacoustic industry, and the industry has developed rapidly.

data shows that the 2010 global electroacoustic device market capacity is about 10 billion. Among them: the speaker / buzzer is 439 billion, and the transmitter is 121 billion, and the microphone is 800 million. It is expected that the world's electro-acoustic device market will continue to grow in the next five years.

Since the 1980s, my country's electric sound industry has maintained a rapid development situation, has been developed and gradually mastered from the production technology of electro-acoustic components to terminal electroacoustic products, forming more complete Electroacoustic industrial system and industrial chain.

From "Ninth", my country's electroacoustic industry has begun to connotation type, quality type, productive transformation, and electro-acoustic technology development capabilities and manufacturing capacity of electroacoustic products. In 1996, my country's electroacoustic device reached 1.25 billion, and it was more than Japan for the first time.

accompanied by the rapid development of mobile communication equipment and the large-scale international transfer of the electro-acoustic industry, representing high-end levels of electroacoustic industries and consumer electroacoustic products in my country. High-speed growth, so that the entire electro-vocal industry has maintained an annual growth rate of more than 15% in recent years, in 2010, the industry has reached 7.235 billion, sales of 650.04 billion yuan; one of which exports is 5501 million, export amount It is 7.497 billion yuan.

Future, the electroacoustic industry will continue to maintain high-speed growth, mainly from the downstream industry, including mobile phones, laptop growth, so that the portable multimedia player (PMP) product (such as iPad) is mainly The personal digital product market has also maintained a rapid growth.

Whether it is the domestic market or the international market, it shows that the demand for electroacoustic products is large, and the market size has grown rapidly. This provides a strong market power for the development of China's electroacoustic industry, forecast The actual growth rate of the industry will be greater than the growth rate of "12th Five-Year Plan", 2011-2015, and the domestic electroacoustic industry production and sales will continue to maintain an average annual growth rate. In 2015, industry output and sales are reached separately. 14.5 billion and more than 130 billion yuan.

Model Name Method

Model Named Mature Project and Arrangement Order

Speaker: Main Weigh - Classification - Radiation Form - Shape - Power - Sequence No.

Microphone: Main Weigh - Classification - Level - Sequence No.

Electroacoustic device

Send, Receiver: Main Weigh - Classification - Serial No. - Impedance

Microphone, Headphones: Main Weighing

assembly: Main name - serial number - combination form

The name of the name and representative symbol correspondence: speaker-Y, speaker group - YZ, Piped poetry, microphone-C , Microphone Group-CZ, Tenname-O, Repector-S, Hagou-H, Headphones-E, Headphone Bacolor Group - EH.

Classification of names and representative symbols correspondence: electromagnetic-C, electric, dynamic-D, piezoelectric-Y, static electricity, capacitive -R, carbon particles-T, aluminum belt Formula -a, contact -J, pressure difference-C, pressure-not shown.

Radiation form, shape, and use of the representative symbol correspondence: tube-h, elliptical-T, round - not mentioned, earbuds-S, plane with intercontinent cap-F, tank Use a call-T-T, a ship with a call - J, a general work.

Speaker classification

to this day speakers have been built into a big family, or self-supporting portal, pulse phase; or another tree, fireworks. In order to facilitate the narrative, the study is clear, and the speaker can be classified according to different methods. The object is gathered, and the classification can be determined in an orderly, divided into a class, and a two-way understanding of the performance of the speaker. Classification is also the lateral description of the speaker, which can locate the name of the speaker based on the classification.

Before the speaker classification, it is necessary to explain that speakers and speakers (speaker boxes, speaker systems) are two different concepts, and some people often mix them into one talk. The speaker is composed of one or several speakers and corresponding attachments such as boxes, horn, and division networks.

The speaker is one of the electroacoustic transducers. The electroacoustic exchange is a device that converts electrical energy into a sound energy or converts the sound energy into electrical energy, and performs the same wavelength conversion. This conversion is not a direct conversion of electrical energy and sound energy, but to use a mechanical system.

Due to the different starting points, the scorer can be classified by different methods.

Currently used classification mode

Classification is classified;

Classified by working principle;

Classified by radiation mode;

Classified by use;

Classification by shape;

Classified by combination mode.

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