Electric company


Electric company has 6,000 employees, which controls 25% of the entire ad budget of Japan. In 1989, its pure income was $ 1.308 billion, and four consecutive years is the largest company in Japan's advertising world. In its bill, the cost of advertising on major newspapers, major magazines and television accounts for 20% of their expenditures. In public relations, electricity companies have always been an object that long-term ruling self-employment first choice. Electric Company also bought some TV broadcasts, and then sold it to advertisers. Some observers say its power can determine who hosted and hosted TV programs. Electric companies regard themselves for telecommunications companies, including market research, product experiment, sales of goods, public relations, and news media brokers. Electric Company links public opinion tools through subsidiaries and complex people. Common Socials in the two major newsletters in Japan have 28.3% of the shares in Electric Head, and there are 20.1% of the current affairs. The impact of electric technology to the news media is obvious. The Texas Oil King of Texas, I tried to advertise in Japan's major newspapers, accused Toyota, Nissan and Honda three automobile companies increase price on consumer goods through joint business activities. Pichth publicly accused that electric technology uses its impact on the news media to prevent this advertisement. Electric companies and their branches often have some high-level TV programs, which makes the US and Europe's advertising companies and consortiums because it means it controls culture. "21st Century Textual Concept" reveals its goals: (1) Occupation of all public communication; (2) actively participate in discovering and creating new cultural values; (3) Become a global electricity company.

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Electric company

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