Enterprise Information Portal EIP


EIP provides an e-commerce to provide a stable, scalable and reliable basis for e-commerce. It is especially true that the value chain is composed of a plurality of dispersed internal and external information processing systems, and the EIP will achieve e-commerce by establishing an architecture across these systems; it can be easier to Enable enterprises to transfer from EIP portrait to electronic trade, because EIP can integrate electronic trade's external transactions with companies CRM, ERP, and information systems; solve large enterprises integrate legacy system (Legacysystem) and e-commerce strategy integrated A series of questions

Enterprise information portal platform main function <>>

  • is administered interior in the enterprise and Query the utility platform for daily business: employees can access the company's customer information, sales information, production information, inventory information, financial information, share and use the company's information at the lowest cost;

  • Outside the outside is a corporate website: information from customers and partners to customers and partners through enterprise portals. Develop new online business, promote enterprises into e-commerce;

  • enable companies to release various information stored internally and external;

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    Enables business employees, customers, and partners to access their desired personalization from a single channel.

    It combines the advantages of Office desktop applications combined with enterprise knowledge management, portal management, human resource management, asset management, cooperative office, system integration, BI business intelligence. Integration, meet the office needs of different types of companies.


    EIP is an application, which enables companies to release various information stored internally and external, allowing customers to access their required from a single channel Personalized information. Customers will use these personal information to make reasonable business decisions and implement these decisions, and find other people who make similar decisions and contact them. The EIP optimizes the operation and improve productivity of the company by providing accurate information to users to users. These portals will convert the business intelligence stored in the enterprise database and the data warehouse to the available information, and send it to the user's eyes through the browser.


    EIP is an integration of all applications and data of the company to an information management platform, and provide users with a unified user interface to enable companies to quickly establish companies to enterprises and enterprises to internal employees. Information portal. EIP is a web-based system that provides commercial information to users distributed, helping user management, organization, and query information related to corporate and department. Internal and external users only need to use a browser to get the data, analyze reports, and business decision support information. The emergence of EIP is to meet the growing needs of the company. If companies need to use the company's data resources and information assets, they must guarantee that each user within the interior and the outside can access information.

    EIP operation permission is assigned according to the internal management mechanism.


    Enterprise information portal includes the following features:

    • Unified Information Access Channel: By willing internal and external Relatively dispersion independent information makes a unified whole, enabling users to access the information they need from a unified channel, thereby achieving optimizing enterprise operation and improving productivity.

    • Uninterrupted service: Enable users to access the company's information and applications at any time at any time, to ensure that the business operation of the company will never stop To play the advantages of network operations to the extreme.

    • Powerful content management capability: the processing capability EIP of various types of information for enterprises supports almost various structured and unstructured data, which can identify more than 90 relationships. And the data in the OLAP database and can search and process documents in various formats.

    • Personalized application service: Information portal data and applications can be set and provided according to each person's request, custom personalized application portal, improve employee Work efficiency has enhanced affinity and attractiveness to customers.

    • Integration with existing systems: It can be integrated with existing data and applications, without re-development, protecting the original investment.

    • The height scalability: adapt to the changes in the adjustment of enterprises and sectors to meet the requirements of corporate business adjustments and expansion, solve the short time and IT department Unable to solve technical needs problems.

    • Security and reliable guarantee: ensures the normal operation of the enterprise business through security mechanisms to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise business.

    EIP register

    IP is the address of the instruction register and stores the next instruction of the current instruction. Which instruction that is executed by the CPU is indicated by IP.

    EIP is a 32-bit machine instruction register.

    EIP format

    *. EIP format is the QQ emoticon format.

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