Edmont Allen

Early career

Edmund Henry Heinman Allenbar Born on April 23, 1861, Blekkenjete, Nottingham, England, is Heynman Kane Allenbi and the son of Caterlin. In the UK, he spent a comfortable and active childhood. Their family spent the first half of the year in Saffu, in Norfolk. He didn't have a dream to become a great general in his early years, but to test the civil servant, and the results did not take the test twice. When he was cold, he received a notice of the military academy. He is like this. After the course of the Royal Military Academy of Sanghist, he joined the Enniskillen cavalry in 1882 and started his own military career.

1884 ~ 1888 he served in South Africa, and during the 1884-1885 Babi (Africa Botswana) expedition. In 1888, he patrols the task in Zululand. From 1889 to 1893, he served as an authority of the Enniskillen Dragon Cavalry. It is mainly to discipline. He prepares the exam in the leisure time. The first time did not succeed, the second time he was admitted to the Ponybury College by the 27th achievements, 1896 ~ 1897 he was in this college, including Douglas Black, a friend and competition opponent. Blackge is the superior students of the school, and he is interested in school is birds, tourism and plants. His tutor gives him a review: Have common sense. Pay attention to practice. The familiar things can be treated quickly and thoroughly. Unfamiliar things don't ask for details. The enthusiasm, good judgment and rapid decision are a clear, active and good soldier, and have the ability to impose impact on others and can be eligible for any work. After graduation, he promoted to a small school. In 1896, he married the daughter of the local landlord Adelaide Mebr Chapman for his wife. Their only sons will be killed in a battle. In 1898, Allen was served in the third ride brigade in Ireland, and the rank was a middle school. During the second Boolean War of 1899 to 1902, he worked in the staff of Hearch Herbert Kinner and active on the battlefield. In the face of Bourne's guerrilla, he directed a cavalry and won the reputation of bold commanders. After the war, Allenbi was promoted to the Army college, returning to the country as heads of the Fifth Royal Gun Covertries until 1905. During 1905 to 1910, he was responsible for commanding the fourth rider brigade. From 1910 to 1914, Allenbi served as a position of the Cavalry Force.

West Line experience

Allenbie is an energetic commander, he has won the heartfelt support of the subordinates. But his big knife is sometimes less than the higher level, although he is always meticulous executive order. These qualities, plus his strong physical and regular lime, so that he has a nickname: "Bull". After the World War I broke out in August 1914, Allen was started to direct a cavalry teacher in the UK Expeditionary Army in the West. Soon, the cavalry was expanding as a cavalry army, still by Allenbi. In November, he transferred to the Fifth Army Commander. Due to excellent performance, after the first Ipson war, he once again promoted the commander of the third group army in October 1915. In the Alas offensive of the British army from April 9-15, 1917, he plans to strengthen the shelling. After people, they will be able to launch an offense in advance, but his combat method is not the highest in the British army. The Commander ended. Due to the top-level and alliance military law, the result of the fighting results, his conflict with Douglas Blackgi, led him to the second Middle East battlefield in June 1917, replacing the Army Admirable Muri jazz is served in the British commander in Egypt. But this time mobilization made Allenbi because of the disaster, his huge reputation of the history of the Middle East brings him a huge reputation.

Transfer to the Middle East

Three Battle of Gaza

The previous Palestinian battlefield, Muri led the UK Egyptian Expeditionary Force, I have been in the Sinai Desert In the middle of the Tucedian army, but the result is very small. Coupled with poor natural conditions, high temperature, sandstorms, difficulty in supplying supply and serious water shortage, the British army low, complaining. And Muri only stayed in the Richtam's Caroszasovi Hotel, never been to the front line, facing the difficulties. Ellenbi stepped into the Expeditionary Military Command on June 28, 1917, and the dust servant began to change everything here. He put a large number of participations, several oldest coloners, a teacher and his total party, and sent back to China and went to the front line of Gaza to visit the troops. A few days later, Allenbi took the Command from the Savi Hotel to the desert area not far from the front. In this way, soon, his energetic leadership makes the British soldiers.

In July 1917, Allen met with the original British intelligence officer Thomas Edward Lawrence, the famous "Arab Lawrence". Lawrence was born in 1888 and graduated from the Oxford University History in 1910. On the eve of the war broke out, he was drawing a map of the Sinai peninsula for military purposes. After a battle broke out, he was assigned to the Arab Arab of the Arab of the Arabian imperial, responsible for assistance and training Arab people who were assigned and resigned by Muri Jazz. In front of the Ellenbi, Lawrence just had a ride with his Arab alliance in a 10,000 mile in the insurmountable desert, and moved its unclea in the north of the Red Sea. This outstanding strategic activity made Arabs a stable base and turned Lawrence from a British liaison to the "Arab Lawrence" - the active leader of this riot.

Allen is very appreciated by the Lawrence of the Arabic Robe wearing elegant. He accepted Lawrence's suggestion, that is, turning the Akaba into an important base, providing equipment and gold to achieve the Arabs in the north of Syria. Allen has enhanced Lawrence to the young school, and the commander of Felissale has formed his right wing of his own army, thus putting Lawrence and Faisar directly in his own.

Lawrence launched the attack on the railway in the Hanzhi area, essentially cutting the railway, so that the Osman Imperial Force in Medi is unsuccessful. At the same time, Allenbi threatens Gaza and Berseba to make the enemy can't touch his intentions. In October 1917, Allenbi commanded the artillery and the Navy against the Gaza defense line of the Conflands, which made the highest front-line commander German Chrysentein recognized the British army will threaten the sand, thus The gratuita of Berseba is slow.

October 30, Allen was successfully captured Belchieba. Despite the problems facing Turkish army resistance, lack of water and materials supply, he still defeated the Turkish army on the cross-standing station from November 13th to 15th, and seized a crucial water source. These records have made the Coades of the Civil Words collapsed, and they have to rapidly retracement, giving up Gaza and Jerusalem. On December 10, Jerusalem occupied the British army. Although there is no surrounding enemy forces like Allen expected, the overall in the third time Gaza Battle still has achieved brilliant victory. After this battle, the Supreme Commander of Coaders, the highest commander of Erich Von France, relying on the Mediterranean and the Juda Hillery, established a US Kido line in the north of Jerusalem. However, he quickly was dismissed because of the loss of Jerusalem, replacing him is to adhere to the general of Otto Liman von Sanders, who was able to hold Galoid. Due to the US Dode Dianfang is very strong, plus some of the troops are exhausted to France, Allen can only temporarily do not move.

US Battle

In July 1918, Allenbi tried to cross the Jordan River near Jerich to cut off the Hanzhi Railway near Amman, but too bad natural The environment makes this effort to end the tissue end. Since then, Sanders is extremely sensitive to his left-wing and maintains one-third of the troops in the eastern side of the Jordan River. This is a strategy, which has developed a strategy to win only a war in the Osman Empire with a lightning battle.

Allenbi plans to attack the Jordan River Valley, but actually launched an offense while the Mediterranean coast, and use a walk to open a gap on the defense line of the Cooperation. Through this gap, the cavalry troops will be able to cross the Salon Plains and the Carmier Mountains, then Dongjin, 40 miles of the enemy frontline and Beasan cut off all the transportation lines and supply lines of the Turkish army, forcing them The steep canyon can only be retreated by Nabus to the steep canyon between the Jordan River. In the face of the joint pursuit of the British airplane and cavalry, this retreat is almost unable to complete, which means that the two enemy of the Jordan River is completely destroyed, and the British Army from the Osman Imperial in the east of the Jordan River. The same close. At the same time, a cavalry force will assist Lawrence's Arabic forces to capture the mixture of the Hanzhi railway to force the Turkish army in the Jordan River to retreat. At the same time, the rest of the cavalry troops will capture the Damascus and cut off the retreat of this unit and annihilated.

This plan has broken the characteristics of a war, fully reflects sudden and maneuverability, but it also contains huge dangers. As long as the enemy deploys a small number of infantry that is equipped with a machine gun on one or two hills in the Carmaya Mountains, it can easily prevent the cavalry from Allen. Allen knows this danger clearly, he is determined to use two weapons - his aircraft and Lawrence's Arab army - so that the enemy's command department is deaf, and the action is slow. He ordered Lawrence's troops to launch a gratitude of guerrillas, forcing the Turkish army to mobilize the backup power to cope with this threat. At the same time, vigorously enhance the power of its Air Force, capture the email, so that the German plane can only stay in Jen Nining airport, can not take off. Allen has also launched a large number of enemies, such as establishing a fake command and fake military camp in the Jordan River Valley, and the troops returned to the camp in the day before the Jordan Valley during the day. These careful preparations have achieved his plan to achieve even perfect.

September 19th, Allen reached a breakthrough in the West. At 8 o'clock in the morning of 20, the British cavalry won the strategic fortress. At 4:30 pm, the fourth cavalry seized Beashan. Later, the Australian cavalry arrived in Jiening. At this point, the enemy's retreat route is completely cut. Subsequently, Allen was pursued against the Canyon retreat. In less than three days, the two Turkish Group Army and Germany were destroyed in Palestine, leaving only the 4th Army of the Osman Empire in the Jordan River. The supply line is cut off, the military quarter retreats, but is dragged by the Arab and the fourth cavalry division from Beansong, constantly eating. The fourth group army is exhausted soon, and its residual is surrendered in the vicinity of Damascus. On October 1, Allenbi won the ancient city Damascus. On October 16, the British army captured Holmes; on October 25, the Arabian troops won the Northern Heavy Town Apron. At this point, all organized resistance of Turkish army collapsed, and the Osman Imperial Government surrendered on October 30. In this battle, the British army pushed 350 miles in 38 days, capturing the entire Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, and isolated Mesopoamia, forcing the Turkish army to retreat. During this period, the British army annihilated three groups of enemy, only 75,000 people were captured, but their casualties were less than 5,000. This is a battle with the color of the World War II and the last great battle of cavalry.

Old Year

Allen is the first March of the United States in October 1918 in October 1918 because of this victory in the United States, in October 1918. . Give 50,000 pounds. In 1919, Allenbi was promoted to the Army Marshal. From the year from the year to 1925, he was in Egypt and the Sudan's college commissioner, which made him encounter the same obstacle as the army. He earliest argument is to release the Egyptian nationalist leader in Malta. Sad Zagrus (Chai Lu). Despite the great pressure, he overcome several political turmoil, he still urged the UK and 1922 to recognize the independence of Egypt.

Due to the argument with the boss in 1925, Endon Allen retired and became the principal of the University of Edinburgh. On May 14, 1936, he died in London, buried in Westminster Church. During his service in the country, he helped the British Empire to expand in South Africa, fight against the enemy of the British Empire in the battle, and later played a key role in the process of withdrawing the Egypt in the UK.


Allenbi is likely to be the best Army Commander in the UK during a battle. His wit, energetic and challenging. A thorough understanding of strategic tactics has made him become a genius, smart planner. He is a masterpiece that is a breakthrough and chasing a victory in the United States with infantry, aircraft and cavalry. This victory is extremely rare in a battle. He is one of the greatest commanders in the history of the UK. Lawrence evaluation he said: His morality and beliefs are so great, mortals can only understand slowly.

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