Eat odor, unfortunately

"Three Kingdoms Wei Zhi · Wu Emperor" 裴 松 之 注 注 注 州 州 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 秋 如 秋 秋 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如Wang wants also. "


Cao Cao and Liu Bei are fighting in Hanzhong, and the two armies can't hold. Cao Cao saw the rain in the sun, the grain and herb will be exhausted, and it can't win, and the heart is troubled. At this time, the soldiers asked the evening password. Cao Cao was in a stuffy, and he replied: Chicken ribs! When the password of "Chicken Rib" is transmitted to the main book Yang Xiu, this guy is smart, and the soldiers pack the tackles to prepare for the troops. Soldiers asked why. Yang Xiu said: chicken ribs ribs, no meat, abandonment, this is not able to win, I will laugh, I will retreat tomorrow. So everyone believed. This matter was known by Cao Cao. Cao Cao chopped Yang Xiu's head with the name of the military heart. This is the allusions on chicken ribs.

The "Three" Three Kingdoms Romance "is all known to Cao Cao 's before the consequences of Cao Cao. Yang Xiu Si Jijie, smart, tie, tongue, 恃 恃 放 旷,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, After the harassment, a box of crisp, Cao Cao's murder, Wu Qi and other incidents, Cao Cao has secretly survived mustard in Yang Xiu, secretly guarding, and later Yang Xiu's darkness to abolish the prince, causing Cao Cao very dissatisfied And hate. Cao Cao was buried by "chicken ribs" in the Hanzhong War, and she is buried by Yang Xiu, rewards with many items to show their relatives. Yang Xiu's death was written in the "Three Kingdoms" in Luo Junzhong, can't see Cao Cao's murder of Yang Xiu's spider silk, but an unforgettable "chicken rib", and the law is rumored, and the military discipline is The sky is seamless, and there is a big hidden danger in his heart, and the worries have been lifted. Yang Xiu, as a member of the feudal era, is a typical person in ancient China. Its talent learns that the public is superior, and it is also quite accurate and agile, and has certain prospective activities in crossing, analyzing, judging, predicting the psychological activities of the prime minister. Yang Xiu is also because of this predecessor, it has lost his life for this. Yang Hsiu Cao Cao retreat before the contradiction hesitant attitude, as though the helm, insight bottomed out, as chief of staff for many years under Cao Cao, Cao Cao of a suspicious nature, violent brutal character, enough to understand. He mistakenly believe that Cao Cao will not take his head at all, and dare to reveal the direct words in the army to return to the soldiers, let the soldiers pack the gift, prepare to go back to the DPRK, this is a typical intelligent anti-smart and error.

Eat odor, unfortunately

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