In terms of design and materials, easyoga breaks the limitations of traditional sportswear, combines fashionable tailoring design with sports functions, comfortable and extensible natural-friendly fabrics and The workmanship is not only suitable for wearing in sports venues, but also not obtrusive in daily life. In addition, high-quality quality assurance also allows yoga lovers to fully experience the comfortable and natural sense of harmony with nature and man during the practice. easyoga has successfully created its image of high-quality goods with Taiwanese manufacturing. It not only established direct brand stores in Japan, Korea, and China, but also set up Taiwan’s first life concept museum in Taipei Huashan 1914 on March 27, 2010. The Chinese part was established in 2011. The Shanghai flagship store was set up on October 23. It is hoped that together with its connotation [created by yoga], by conveying the attitude of ideal life to people who advocate healthy life, experience the life energy created by yoga.

Development history

The brand was officially founded in Taiwan in 1998

Entered the Japanese market in 2003

Entered the Korean market in 2004

Entered the Hong Kong market in 2008

In 2011, New Wide Group obtained the general agent right of the brand in mainland China, and formally entered the Chinese market


< b>easyogaPromote:Life·Created by Yoga〔 YOGAtobe]

easyoga takes "healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyle (LOHAS)" as its core purpose of For its practice of ideal life, Lohas advocates the new concept of [Life·Created by Yoga], and expects people to achieve relative balance and harmony between body, mind and soul through the practice of yoga. easyoga looks forward to leading people to a healthier and more comfortable life with the new concept of [Life·Created by Yoga].

How to understand chakra flowers

To perfect your life is an ideal of life, but also an attitude to life

easyoga's chakra flower-chakraflowerLOGO fully presents the brand spirit and philosophy. With the image of flowers circulating from the inside to the outside, it symbolizes the totem that gathers energy, which drifts away like a dandelion, evokes the most true thoughts and perfects and perfects your life.

Brand Direct Store

Shanghai, China

Address: No. 598 Jianhe Road, Changning District, Shanghai (opposite Xianxia West Road·Bailian Xijiao Shopping Center )

Business hours: 10:00-21:00


Metro: Line 2 Beixinjing Station 3 Exit No.

Bus: 54, 88, 91, 121, 739, 807, 836, 855, Xinbei Line

China Taiwan

Taipei Huashan 1914 Life Concept Pavilion No. 1, Section 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei

Hong Kong, China



South Korea



서울강남구신돓655 p>




〒150-0031 30-18 Miysunami Terrace 701, Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya District, Tokyo

Product Series

LA·VEDA Professional Yoga Series

Exclusive blended fabric, Pure cotton feel, antibacterial, moisture absorption and perspiration function

The LA·VEDA series is based on the needs of professional yoga. The stitch stitching method has good fabric wrapping. By emphasizing functional tailoring, the three-dimensional chest shape and limb stitching technology are used to close the body without tightness, so that the body can be adjusted at any time during yoga learning. The lining contains bamboo charcoal fiber, which has the function of fast moisture absorption and perspiration. The unique back-cut design and the thin and seamless construction method between the surface and the surface allow you to swim in a gravity-free state in every move.

Commodity features

·High-quality design and tailoring, "slim but not tight" BODY-FIT tailoring

·Supplex blend Functional fabric, natural feel and functional characteristics for yoga needs

·Stylish and simple design, perfect combination of sports and fashion

Bertii leisure yoga series

ECO-FRIENDLYOrganic life, casual nature

In response to the common vision of a sustainable global environment, the bertii series takes the herbal concept as the main design axis and adopts certified natural Organic cotton (pimo) garments are produced in a global environment free of chemical substances, avoiding the use of harmful dyeing techniques, and are produced under strict manufacturing processes and control to ensure the excellent quality of the products.

Product features

·Use 100% organic cotton

·Mainly use yoga casual clothing

Lespiro Sports Yoga Series

Lohas Sports, fully release your sweat

The sports fashion series specially set for LOHAS lovers, will be elegant, The leisure and comfortable design has brought yoga into other sports, and continued aerobic exercise series, such as cycling suits, dance suits, jogging suits and so on. Reflects the comprehensiveness of yoga in harmony with the inside and balance with the outside. Using a variety of different functional fabrics, combined with LA·VEDA's professionalism and bertii leisure, keep you in the best condition during exercise.

Commodity features

·Provide a variety of aerobic sportswear, such as: cycling suits, dance suits, jogging suits, etc.

·Combine the professionalism of Laveda and leisure of bertii

easyoga yoga mat

Quality first, professional yoga mat

easyoga yoga mat Soft texture, using natural environmental protection material, excellent elasticity, willing to reduce the pain of body contact with the ground, good anti-slip effect, strong anti-tension. It can effectively block the cold on the ground, has a strong grip, and is flat and compliant. Good quality, small size and easy to carry.

easyoga yoga towel

High-quality microfiber, unique and professional weaving technology for sports, provide yoga lovers with an excellent skin touch. The patented design of energy points with elemental titanium added to the surface not only enhances the anti-slip effect, but also releases energy, promotes metabolism and blood circulation, so as to achieve the best balance of the body.

easyoga other assistive devices

In order to help adjust the posture, assist the body to achieve some movements, and help yogis to achieve the required accuracy and gradually improve the body's toughness, Launched various assistive devices. The top yoga stretch belt allows you to achieve more professional yoga postures. For rest and relaxation, it provides eye pillows, essential oils, and nose pots, which are used in yoga meditation and relaxing movements, so that yoga lovers can experience yoga comfortably.

easyoga accessories

Yoga straps are one of the best choices for yoga practitioners to carry the clothes and mats they need when going out to class. It has a durable structure design, good waterproofness, and can be carried on the shoulders. , Hand-held, side-back multi-function use. At the same time easyyoga also provides a variety of life concept accessories, allowing you to change your mood at any time.

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