East China Normal University Sisan Higher Research Institute

Si Shaoji

to build humanities academic highlands with international standards and international influence.

Si Ju Ji Jujie's responsibility system under the leadership of the Academic Committee, implemented a researcher (Fellow) system in 2013, leading the Si Ju Ji Jujie Research with the best academic team of the school, responsible Talent recruitment, academic review. There are 10 research centers and the Idea Human Library.

East China Normal University Sisan Higher Research Institute

Siji high-level research elite, absorb, gather three types of academic elites. I. Thinking researcher: accumulating the tutor of the highest academic level of the Humanities Department of China Normal University, promoting, implementing academic democracy, and promoting researcher governance. Second, Youth Researchers: Provide first-class research conditions, absorb well-known university college graduates, academic potential outstanding people, to cultivate future academic leaders and academic backbone for basic positioning. Third, postgraduate: with the standards of international first-class universities, with first-class teachers and first-class conditions, select first-class students, implement elite cultivation, create high-end talents, and achieve first-class enrichment. At the same time, the introduction of high school research in Si Ju, accepted different types of visiting professors, part-time professors and visiting scholars stationed.

The academic atmosphere of Si Ju, is active, open, is an ideal academic garden of academic and ideological strength and deep cultivation. I. Siji human language lecture: Give gathering the master and well-known scholars of people at home and abroad, promote international academic exchanges, dialogue, enhance the inner academic quality, have formed an academic brand, and have a good reputation at home and abroad. Second, Si Ziren Thought Festival: Rendering youth, strong holiday color, strong ideological, academic, emphasizes postgraduate launch and participation. Third, overseas expert courses: Inviting the first-class scholars of the world's first-class universities to study, introduce overseas quality, frontier teaching courses and academic resources. Fourth, Zi Ji lunch Salon: With academic exchange, the ideological confrontation is the purpose, create a spiritual "afternoon feast". V. International exchanges and cooperation: International well-known universities such as Taiwan University, British Columbia University, Japan, Tokyo University, etc., to establish teachers, graduate mutual intercourse, visiting mechanisms, and build "go out" platform.

Development history

High-research institutes based on "China's Ideological Tradition and Cultural Change" Philosophical Social Sciences 985 National Innovation Base The Cultural Institute, Chinese Writing Research and Application Center is the main trunk, based on Chinese Department, History, Department of Philosophy, and Ancient Books, is the physical humanistic research institution of directly under the school.

The high-research institute implements the dean responsibility system under the leadership of the Academic Committee, with an academic committee, responsible for the review of talent recruitment and academic achievements. There are 6 research centers, and have 20 mobile scientific research, providing first-class research conditions, introducing outstanding talents at home and abroad; accepted different types of visiting professors, part-time professors and visiting scholars stationed; independent recruitment And postdoctoral.

High-research institutes take a variety of academic activities in the form of academic seminars, academic forums, special seminars, academic salons, and multi-level academic cooperation with important academic research institutions at home and abroad. Communication; there is a Schiliologist, inviting famous scholars at home and abroad to come to the speech; Judging the human library, collect the special book, more than 20,000 books; open the Sisi people's text, China has Chinese ancient books, China Hyundai Thought, Chinese Modern Literature, Chinese Text Digital, Jiangnan, Overseas Chinese Studies, etc., for the readers at home and abroad, use.

The goal of the high-research institute is: After several years of construction, it has become a comprehensive research institution in China, and internationally affected humanities.

Siji Library

Zi Dynasty Humanity Library is a professional library serving humanities discipline. There are nearly 180,000 collections, nearly 800 publications, and published Both nearly 20,000 copies. Collect "Oracle Document Integration", "Ancient Words", "Golden Document Integration", "Self-cultivation Research Document Integration", "Siku", "Siku" and Continued, "Four Series" Three edits, "series", "Confucian", "Sub-Tibet", "Republic of China", "The Employment of the Republic of China", "Mozi Daquan", "Song Song Wen", "Chinese ancient novel series" and other boutique books. Journalism is also extremely abundant. In 1949, there is more than 90 kinds of "Yichi", "Rational", "Literature Journal" (Zhu Guangqian Editor), etc .; liberated publications such as "Chinese language", "literary comments", "New Moon News", "Philosophical Research", etc.

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