E-commerce position


The first is that the knowledge is widely wide, especially the knowledge of economic management and business trade, should have sufficient width and a certain depth.

The second is to require employees to be more powerful to control the information, especially to make full use of computer and Internet tools, effectively collect, analyze, organize and data mining, and the release, communication of information. And promotion.

The third is a high professional and technical content, requiring the general technology of the use and maintenance of the computer, has certain software development capabilities, especially strong business website planning, design, and maintenance capabilities, master the network The latest technology of marketing and network promotion.

Market demand

There are 275 undergraduate colleges of e-commerce profession, nearly 700 higher vocational colleges, forming contrast, and these e-commerce graduates are generally unable to directly Logging, the employment rate is only 20%, far below the 84% employment ratio of other major professional, accompanied by the vast majority of the professional talents, and the expert predicts, the introduction of the e-commerce talent will reach the introduction of experts in the next 10 years. More than 2.3 million.

At the same time, with SMEs go to the E-commerce road, the operational e-commerce talent presents blowout demand.

Post segment

1, website operation manager / supervisor

General Requirements: Familiar with network marketing common methods, experience in operating management of e-commerce; Develop short, medium, long-term development plans, implementation and supervision; can complete the operation and sales of overall websites and channels, market promotion, advertising and value-added products; can complete the construction and management of website operations teams, implement the strategic objectives of the website , Flow improvement and profit.

2, website planning / editor

General Requirements: Familiar with website planning, implementation, operation, publicity and other business processes; familiar with e-commerce operations and operation processes, can inspect the development of e-commerce Direction; there is a deep understanding of enterprises, familiar with the functional requirements of the enterprise website; have strong Chinese skills and text processing power, have a certain website column planning, operation management knowledge; with strong selection, planning, editing Ability, induction; familiar with computer operation, master basic network knowledge.

3, website promotion

General requirements: responsible for website content / website web design / website planning / website marketing planning; website community related services, content planning and operation; member maintenance Management work; writing is good, can independently make market propaganda planning and writing cases; can be skilled in publicity and promotion of publicity and promotion.

4, website developer

General Requirements: Responsible for the development of the website web page and the technical support of the background; it can meet the needs of the technical layer; proficient ASP / PHP / CGI One of the three development tools can develop a background independently; proficient in SQL Server, Access can independently complete the development of the database. There is one year of development experience; you can read the common JSP code, and you can write basic JSP programs; proficient in the HTML language, you can handwick HTML code; proficient in ASP, .NET, Java, JavaScript, SQL Server, and so on; Skilled in Windows 2000/2003, Linux / Unix one of the operating systems; skilled in SQL Server, familiar with the Oracle database management system; familiar with the management, design planning, front desk production, background program production and database management process and technology.

This requirement is to summarize the post description of several companies. Applicants do not have to have all technical skills, which are included in several technical systems.

5, website design

General Requirements: Skilled Application Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, CSS + P, XML + XSL (excluding procedures), etc. Editing web pages; proficient plane design Familiar with web production tools such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Flash, can take on large commercial websites; familiar with Photoshop, CorelDRAW and other graphical design, production software, familiar with HTML, ASP language; have certain visual communication design, good at advertising, design Online advertising, traditional media advertisement; there is a certain experience on website construction, VI design and application has a communication, cooperative spirit, creativity; familiar with JavaScript, you can learn about JSP or Servlet or PHP, able to complete dynamic web pages independently Master HTML, JavaScript, understand the principles of website programs, and experience with programmers.

6, network marketer

General requirements: familiar with network, network marketing and office software; responsible for the promotion of company products in the network; interested in online marketing, and Master the various philosophy of e-commerce and network development.

7, foreign trade e-commerce

General requirements: responsible for maintaining and replying to foreign trade customer inquiries such as Alibaba, Global resources; Participate in the Canton Fair, Yi Fa, Germany Cologne Expo and other professional exhibitions.

This is a typical industry network marketing post. It is foreseeable that with the deepening of e-commerce applications, online marketing will popularize all industries, and there will be new network marketing, home appliance network marketing, clothing network marketing, etc. With this subdivision, from the industry's in-depth research and unique understanding of the industry will become basic requirements.

Post responsibilities

1, according to the company's marketing goals, develop overall development planning and annual plans; proficient in network marketing model and e-commerce strategy, with actual operational operation experience, familiar with network promotion channels , Operation mode, transaction rules, proficient mall operation management, has excellent strategic awareness;

2, analyze market demand, based on company brand and product characteristics, development, planning, planning, and Carry out network marketing order maintenance;

3, integrate company network marketing and e-commerce business processes, standardize business model, participate in design solutions, solving various problems encountered during network marketing;

4, integrate network marketing customers and channels, carry out various cooperation, regularly maintain customer relationship, promote interactive and sales;

5, familiar with search engine optimization, good at integrated network various means, Realize the cost of promotion, effective sales;

employment direction

1. e-commerce service enterprise.

includes hardware (R & D, production, sales, integration), software (R & D, sales, implementation), consultation, etc. With the popularity of e-commerce applications, related hardware, software development and sales of professionals are determined, but this demand may be dominated or hidden. In the case of dominance, the employer will clearly recruit professional talents and hidden in e-commerce. Using the human resources department of the employer, the e-commerce demand for market customers is not clearly known that the talents of the recruitment to the e-commerce professional background are just applicable. However, only people who can use relevant disciplines such as computers can barely cope, or they require them to add e-commerce knowledge. Consulting industry is generally more clear because of its professional breadth and depth of its "born".

2. E-commerce enterprise.

For such a company, whether pure professional e-commerce companies or open new operational models (such as ECVV) combined with other main business, the demand for e-commerce professionals is the most of.

3. Traditional enterprises.

For traditional companies, e-commerce means adding new operational tools (such as corporate websites, I am afraid it is difficult to find companies with no website). People running new operation tools, nothing more than culturing and recruiting professionals from employees using old operation tools. Of course, the work of cultivating the original old employees is probably being a professional professional.

4. Traditional industry.

For traditional industries, e-commerce is a new business means. Regardless of trade, logistics, processing industries or agriculture, they will use e-commerce. Speaking of traditional industries, the purpose is that if you are interested in a certain industry, you should understand the development of this industry, development trend, new technology, and new products. Judging from a professional perspective and the level of e-commerce development and development potential of this industry. Of course, it is necessary to independently make these judgments to reach a certain level of expertise and practical ability.

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