Dynamic ring monitoring server

Function description


1. Realize the monitoring and management of various power intelligent equipment such as switching power supply and air conditioner: through serial data and network IP package Data conversion between serial devices, to complete remote management, expand serial ports, connect traditional serial devices to the network, and serial devices to communicate with each other.

2. It can realize the management of access control such as swiping cards and fingerprints, and on this basis, realize the attendance management of inspections and inspection personnel.

3. The system can be connected to an IP camera to realize the linkage function of image monitoring, access control and alarm.

4. The system can be connected to 8 switch and 1 analog inputs to realize alarm monitoring functions such as temperature and humidity, water immersion, infrared, smoke detection, and anti-theft.

5. The system can realize the functions of turning on, turning off, heating, cooling and ventilating the air conditioner through the air conditioner remote control. And can monitor the on-off status of the air conditioner in real time.

6. The system supports 8 inputs to realize the linkage control function of cameras and lights.

7. The server can be configured remotely through the network.


1. The serial port has 15KVESD surge protection, and the network port has 2500V isolation protection.

2, all ports have 500W lightning protection.

3. Built-in DV-DV conversion, input 48V, output 12V-4A, 3.3V-0.5A.

4. Remote management, remote firmware upgrade.

Product specifications

Communication interface

4 One Ethernet port, one RS485/422, and one RS232.

Serial port

Speed: 50-921600 ( 150-460800) bps

Check digit: None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark

Data bits: 5, 6, 7, 8

Stop bit: 1, 1.5, 2


Serial port format: RJ45

Protection: 15KVESD500W lightning strike

Net Port

Network port format: RJ45

Speed : 10/100M adaptive

Protection: Built-in 2500V electrical isolation

Switch input

Acquisition 8 switching quantities (all passive contacts). The inputs are electrically isolated from each other at 2500V.

Switch output

8 channels normally open Contact relay output. Each output can bear a maximum load of 250V-5A.

Temperature and humidity collection

Using simulated temperature and humidity Sensors, remote real-time monitoring. Measuring range: temperature -20-+60, humidity 0-100%

input and output mapping

You can query the current status of input and output mapping, you can set or cancel the input and output mapping between an input and an output, and one input corresponds to two outputs

DC power output

output 12V-4A (9 pairs of terminal blocks), 3.3V -0.5A (1 pair of terminal blocks).


Protocols: DHCP, TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, ARP

Real COM driver: WindowsNT/2000/XP/2003 real COM driver

Remote management function, remote firmware upgrade


Built-in IP filtering, maximum settings 4 certified IPs.

Input power

DC12V/24V/48V , AC220V


Operating temperature:- 10—60℃

Operating humidity: 5—95%

Storage temperature: -20—85℃

Storage humidity: 5-95%


not less than 100,000 hours


less than 0.5 hours



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