Introduction to the forum

DSL Forum (DSLF)

DSL Forum (DSLForum, DSLF. DigitalSubscriberLine, DSL for short) currently has more than two hundred large international companies Its members include China Telecom and China Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Zhexi companies are the world's leading providers of telecommunications, equipment, computers, networks and services. The work of the DSL Forum is to achieve the best state of network sharing and resource utilization with simple procedures and production specifications, and stimulate the growth of DSL on a global scale to meet the bandwidth requirements of next-generation networks for multimedia services and online community services. And participated in the formulation of some industry standards, such as ANSI, ETSI and TR-048.

Forum structure

The DSL forum structure is divided into two parts, one is the technical committee, and the other is the marketing committee.

The technical committee is mainly to make technical standards and specifications. In the past, the DSL Forum mainly worked on DSL modulation and demodulation. In recent years, more and more work has been done on network architecture and product integration between manufacturers.

Some of the current work is divided into four working groups, the first is the network architecture, the second is the network in the home, and the other is the network management work of the operator in the network. There is also the debugging and demodulation layer, which is very important for manufacturers to communicate with each other. It is very important for operators to construct structures and operations at will.


The important point of the DSL Forum is to do some liaison work with other standards organizations, share their achievements, and have a very close relationship with ITU and other organizations. There are also several very influential organizations in China. The main purpose of the market is to promote the development of DSL. DSL standards have been adopted, and DSL operators and their services have been adopted by ordinary people and consumers. There are also several working groups. The more influential ones are TR-058 and TR-059. TR-058 is a market requirement, which is very similar to the NGN goal. As far as the technical committee is concerned, there is also a lot of work in DSLHOME, which is currently under development, and many of them are work with minimal TR-069 as the technology.

China is now the country that uses DSL the most in the world.

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