DS3 attention

Software Introduction

DS3 Attention is a software developed, incubated, and promoted to the market by Beijing Furen Shufan Software Technology Co., Ltd., developed by Professor Zheng Richang of Beijing Normal University, DS3 Attention Li is a quality education software for 5-12 years old children’s attention evaluation and training


Zheng Richang

Lou Ji

Software Principle

DS3 attention training system is an integrated product of software and hardware, which improves children's attention. The theory supports the four qualities of attention (the four qualities of attention span, stability, distribution, and transfer). For 5-12 years old children’s attention status assessment and training, re-evaluation-training-evaluation-training...repeated testing and training. Recheck every 3 months.

Name meaning


Attention shift ShiftingofAttention

Attention span AttentionSpan

Pay attention to stability SustainedAttention

Applicable crowd

Children to primary school (5-6 years old), elementary school (6-12 years old)

Product features

1. Standardized international attention evaluation model;

2. The evaluation result automatically unlocks the training level;

3. Logic of test and training combination: first test and then train, use test as the basis for training , Re-evaluate after training, use the integrated test and training process to evaluate the training results;

4. Quantify the effect of periodic evaluation: the combination of test and training is a cycle of 3 months;

5. With file management function, all data can be synchronized to the wide and narrow platforms to achieve data interoperability;

6. Evaluation training unlocked layer by layer: the spiraling test training mode automatically unlocks the training level according to the evaluation result;


7. Have professional training testers;

8. Mini program appointments and viewing test results and smart training plans and other functions.

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