Dreamweaver CS4


Dreamweaver CS4 is the latest web design software launched by Adobe, which has added the following surprising new features relative to the old version of Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver CS4.

New Features

Real-time view

Design web pages in a real browser environment with new real-time views in Dreamweaver CS4 And you can still access the code directly. The presentation of the screen will immediately reflect right.

code prompts

to write JavaScript and accurately write JavaScript, accurately and accurately, and accurately write JavaScript with improved JavaScript core objects and basic data types. By integrating popular JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery, prototype, and spry, take full advantage of Dreamweaver CS4's extended encoding capabilities.

Related Files

Using the "Related File" function in Dreamweaver CS4 more effectively manages various files that make up the current web page. Click any related files to view its source code in the Code view, view the parent page in the Design view.

Integrated Code Enhancement

Experience the powerful function of the built-in code prompt, so that HTML (an application in standard universal markup), JavaScript, spry, and JQuery and other AJAX frameworks, prototypes, and several servers languages ​​faster, clearer.

Code Navigator

The new "Code Navigator" function can display all code sources that affect the currently selected content, such as CSS rules, servers End include, external JavaScript function, Dreamweaver template, iframe source file, etc.

Creation Supports

Directly create a new HTML (a standard universal tag language) and JavaScript Adobe AirTM application in DreamWeaver. Preview the AIR application can be previewed in Dreamweaver. Allows the Adobe AIR application to deploy with the AIR package and code signature.

Support Enhancement

Integrate the FLV file to any web page by easy clicking and compliant coding - no need for Adobe Flash® software. Play the FLV movie in the Dreamweaver new real-time view when designing.

Support leading technology

is designed and encoded in the tools that support most leading Web development technology, including HTML (an application in standard universal markup), XHTML, CSS, XML (subset of standard universal tag language), JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, Adobe ColdFusion® software, and ASP.

Learning the best practices

Reference CSS best practices Realize visual design and practical conceptual descriptions of easy-to-understand practical concepts. Creating an AJAX-driven interactivity while supporting accessibility and best practices.

CSS best practices

No need to write code to implement CSS best practices. Create a CSS rule in the Properties panel, and clearly explain the corresponding position of each property in the style level.

CSS Support Enhancement

Enhanced CSS implementation tools in Dreamweaver CS4 makes your site stand out. CSS rules are quickly defined and modified in the Properties panel by means of instant view feedback in "Design" and "Real Time View". Use the new "related file" and "Code Navigator" function to find the location defined for a specific CSS rule.

Learning Resources Enhancement

With rich products in Dreamweaver CS4, you will be equipped with the organization. Keep synchronization with the latest Web technology by the help system driven by the community.

Dreamweaver Community Enhancement

From the vast Dreamweaver community, it includes online Adobe Design Center and Adobe Developer Connection, training and seminars, developer certification Program and User Forum.

Online Services

Tap the mouse from Dreamweaver to access online services, share the screen from the colleague or customer, and get the search results required from the online community and find the creative inspiration. Understand more online services for creative professionals>

Control content

enable customers to update their web pages directly from the browser. Dynamic data can be added to the site without a database or complex encoding.

Adobe Photoshop Smart Object New Function

Inserts any Adobe Photoshop® PSD document into Dreamweaver to create an image intelligence object. Smart objects are closely linked to the source file. You can change the source image and update image in Dreamweaver without opening Photoshop.

HTML Dataset

Do not need to master the database or XML (subset of standard universal tag language) to incorporate dynamic data into the web page . The SPRY data set can identify the content in the simple HTML table as an interactive data source.

New User Interface

With a shared user interface design, work faster and smart in different components of Adobe Creative Suite® 4. Using a workspace switch can quickly switch from a working environment to the next environment.

Cross-product integration Enhancement

Through direct communication and interaction across product line, you can take advantage of Dreamweaver CS4 and other Adobe tool intelligence integration and powerful features. Including Adobeflash CS4 Professional, Fireworks® CS4, Photoshop CS4 and Device Central CS4 software.

Adobe InconText Editing

Design a page in Dreamweaver, so that end users can use Adobe InconText Editing Online Services to edit their web pages, no help or use others software. As a Dreamweaver designer, you can limit changes to specific pages, special areas, and even custom format options.

Subversion Integration New Features

Directly update the site and registration modification in Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver CS4 is closely integrated with the Subversion® software, the latter is an open source version control system that provides a more powerful registration / logout experience.

Cross-platform support Enhancement

Pelican wants, work: Dreamweaver CS4 can be used to Intel® or PowerPC® Mac, Microsoft® Windows® XP, and Windows Vista® system. Designed to deliver cross-platform, reliable, consistent, high performance results in the preferred system.

Problem solution

General new installation software encountered problem solutions:

Unable to use menus Bar or shortcut

The newly installed Dreamweaver mouse click the menu bar to have no response or CTRL + A / X / C / V no response. Click Edit (E) - Shortcut (Y), change the current settings to Dreamweaver MX2004.

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