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South Peak and North Peak, the terrain is towering overlooking the West Lake, the Yunxia Head, the weather is thousands, and the ancient times is the monk. The mountains built a pagoda, which is relatively opposite, which is quite higher than above the peak. Spring and Autumn Good Day, Cui Cui, the tower is in the cloud, the time is hidden, and the fairy is general. Nan Peak, North Peak, is ancient Buddhist Mountain, a Buddhist Mountain in the West Lake, and a Buddhist temple, a Buddha. Spring and Autumn Period, Cegory Mist, Tips, Tips, Since the West Lake boat, the landscape is worth a piece. At the Southern Song Dynasty, the two peaks were named and became the top ten scenes of the West Lake.

Shuangfeng Insert

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Southern Song Dynasty, the two peaks and clouds are listed as one of the ten scenics of the West Lake

South Song poet Wang Wei " two peaks inserted" "poetry:

floating map Cui Wei, 积 翠 空 霁,

Try to Hope to Phoenix Mountain, Night Near Northern Smoke.

The South Song Dynasty advocates it from Fenghuang Mountain, and it can be obtained. Li Zhifang in the Ming Dynasty, provided to watch this scene on Wangshan Bridge, Suike Third Bridge, and he was in the "West Lake Causan". The two peaks mistakenly wrote: "Sanqiao Longwang Tang, Wanghu Xiushan, is quite good. Tobacco is faster, the belt layers, the secondary, in an instant, non-Dong, giant pen, Not enough to make a rhyme] After the Qing Dynasty, there is no tower shadow, the position of the tour will move to the lake, because of the construction of the scenery of the Hong Chunqiao, but the tourists can only see the forest onion, 'double peak. Contained shadows, it is not as good as the flood boat lake, but it can not refer to Yun Zhongfeng, the heart of the gods, the world is far from the world. "

Chen Wei "Shuangfeng Insert Cloud" poetry:

Northern Peak Too Heave, two peaks are not connected.

The rain is not rain in the rain, and the four mountain cloud locks.

Shuangfeng insertion cloud (14 photos)

Later, Zhong Yulong also put forward in "said Hangzhou": "When you want to rain, the four mountain Yun Power, In the south, the northern peaks are in the same day. This is the scene of the look at the lake. It must ask for a monument in the middle of the lake, and it is the trip (Hong) spring bridge. "

Qing Dynasty Since the two peaks, the Buddha is destroyed, or the lightning strike, only the tower base, and finally the landscape of "Insert" landscape. However, when the Qing Kangxi Diji is the title of winning, the two-peak is inserted into the double peak inserted clouds, and the top of the Zhuhu Ten Jing, and in the spiritual hidden road Hong Chunqiao, the Song Dynasty, the scenery, the connotation of the landscape Emotionally married to the large view of Lake Hill, and enjoy the red leaves of the autumn mountains, and the frost is so good.

Qing Kangxi Emperor is a double-peak insertion, Jianneng Tip is on the bank of Hong Chunqiao. At the time, Shuangfeng's ancient tower was desirable for a long time, and even the original connotation of this scene was also difficult to know, 'inserting the cloud', the vocal humble also. Set the sunshine on this, it is actually applied. The scenes of the lake becomes the scenery of land. Although Double Peaks, although the location and mode of the ancient times, the Southern Peaks, but south and north peaks are the victory in the West Lake mountains, but it has not changed. Double peaks inserted "inspiration in Hangzhou Lingyin Road Hong Chunqiao). One of the" West Lake Ten View ". Song and Yuan, called" Two Feng Insert "Qing Kangxi Emperor South Tour, change" Two Peaks "as" Double " Peak ".

In fact, the northern peak and the south peak, the two peaks are relatively opposite, during the hill rolling, the peak is about 5 kilometers. At the top of the peak, it is now in the middle of the mist. Such as inserted, it is obtained. After the comprehensive protection project of West Lake, people can re-admire the "Shuangfeng Insert" landscape after broadening the Sands Water Water, and the Shuangfeng Pulling Clouds. Besid fifty-seven meters, on the way to the mountain, Junsheng reveals, the wall. On the mountains, the mountains are in the east, and the panoramic view of the West Lake is eye-catching. It is not a picture, the drawing picture. The North Peak Altitude is three hundred twenty-four, is the Sitting of Lingyin Temple Mountain, from the west side of the temple, stone 磴 to thousands of levels, disc fold back around the 36th bend, rushing along the mountains, the forest overlap.

double peak plug Cloud (5 photos)

Online viewing point is located in Hong Chunqiao on Lingyin Road, take 7, 27, 807, Tour 1, Tour 2, Tour 3 to Hong Chun Bridge, get off 50 meters.

Main Attractions

1, North Peak:

Double peak cloud cloud

"West Lake Dream" 里 张 岱:

"North After the peak of the Lingyin Temple, the stone huntees were hundreds of levels and twenty-six bays. There is Huaguang Temple, with five holy. There is a Maming Temple in the mountains, and the spring and Japanese silkworms are salted. The peak top float is seven, Tang Tianbao Zhongjian, Huichang Zhongzheng; Qian Wusi Wang repaired, Song Xianzhu seven years old. This place, the mountain screen, the lake mirror, the upward, the song, the fishery, if the gull is not smoke, far away, only the shadow. West Wang Luke River, if you go to practice, the sea is sea color, and there is an endless. Zhang Gongliang said: "Jiang gas is blended in the sea, and Wu Yousqing is in the Yue Mountain." Poems are painted. There is a rivers and lakes, and the snake snacks, left and right, housing scales, bamboo clouds, lush, phoenix dance dragons, there is really the king. There is a zen master tower in the foothills. The teacher is famous, and the time of Tang Suzong also, 瘗 bones here. Han Yu took the funeral land, he was tower, and there was Tao. Reluction is like a birth, hanging to shoulders, refers to the jaws, and hundreds of relics, the three days are not bad, and they are in full swing. "

Su Shi" You Ying Hao Tower "poetry:

游 高 峰, 蓐 野 装. Fire cloud autoity, and this is a cold.

Wills, sunrise, gravy. Jia, I am coming, I will come to Yunshui Township.

persuade the small festival, the front road is high and long. Ancient Pan Pan Long snake, strange Stone sitting on the cattle and sheep.

is getting smelling Zhong Xinyin, flying birds are going downstream. In the air, Yunhai Hao.

only seeing the people, the old disease, I will have a long time. Ask the year laugh I don't answer, but refer to the pear bed.

I don't have to come, I want to be more embarrassed. I will leave the match, today I early frost.

Kang and the " Changxiang Si · South Peak "

South Peak, Northern Peak, a lake in the smoke, spring is swearing.

Lang Yi, 意, oil wall Ma Yong, Meeting Jiulong.

Second, South Peak

South Peak in the north and south of the mountains, 肠 佶, 篁 篁 篁 茜, Non-mood socks, remembering, can't be 陟. Tower peak, Jin Tianfu build, Chongning, the trip is two degrees of heavy repairs. Yuan season destroy. Old seven level, this is three levels. Tower Hope, then the world is flat, the smoke is sunrise, the scenery of the lake. Nanzijiang, the waves, the boat is hidden. The sinus, the stone, the stone, the cave. Side There is Rui Ying, and it is ghost. Bei Yancheng, 陂 陂 延, the arrow is full, and the mountains, the mountains, the mountains, such as the warehouse, the famous photo, the legendary town of the town, the peak There is a bowl, Yingchuanquan, the drought is not dry, heavy rain. There is Baolong Cave on the side of the pool.

Taoist "South Peak" poem:

Northern Peak two lands Polaroid in the sea of ​​smoke.

extremely screw flying cloud stack, half riling gerberate stone supply.

three-level floating nest, a clear water Denglong.

If the Sili Saint Irigital, the Socks Mang Shoes Straight.

"West Lake Zhizhi" also records:

South The peak is one thousand and six hundred feet, there is a tower, Jin Tianfu Zhongjian, this level is still in the next level, there is a small dragon well under the tower; the northern peak stone is 10,000, the twenty-sixth bending, Tang Tianbao built the float seven layers in the top "This first word, focused on the lake in the South and South peaks of the West Lake. The customs" There is a paradise, there is Suzhou, and the famous scene in Hangzhou is "the double peak confrontation". Pan Wei has "Changzhang" in the word "Changzhi Peak, the peak" outside the high dust ";" Join the head, the world is clear in the side of the side. "Forming the peaks, striking It is the wonder of the Han and the stars, it has become the most favorite place. Borrow South Peak, the lake in the east and west, and the love of the men and women, and the people who are deeply popular. I am sincerely touching. There is a word, there is a charm, and the feelings are sincere.

Yuanmingyuan double peak cloud

Yuanmingyuan double peak cloud is located in the Scenery of the Pinghu, Fuhai, Pinghu Scenic area. Pinghu Autumn Moon Hall A large boat in Fuhai, a large cruise ship in Fuhai enters the north of the north. Stop. There is a heavy-hop-tip Tao Tao on the East Tower of the Bridge. The pavilion is hung in the Qianlong Yu pen "two peaks inserted" plaque, and the same name of the "two peaks" in West Lake in Hangzhou is one of the ten scenic spots in the West Lake in Yuanmingyuan. Every Nine-nine Double Ninth Festival, here is the emperor.

Traffic information

Take bus No. 27, Y6, 87, 103, 7, 807 to Hongchun Bridge Station.

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