Double eyewirl

Synonym binoculars (astronomical observation tools) Generally refer to binoculars (astronomical telescope)

Description of use

is also known as binoculars. It consists of the same telescope as two properties, which is in line with the observation instrument for people's eyes. It is a military basic observation instrument for observation of terrain, reconnaissance, and schematically measuring the target distance direction angle, the high and low angle, and the point deviation. Non-military use is also wider. The two-lens barrel is generally coupled to the hinge shaft as a reference, and the lens barrel is rotated about the hinge shaft to change the distance between the two-eyed mirror to adapt to the observer's two eye pupils. Eleglling can be adjusted "Specification (Vision), with a filter attachment.

Structural performance

Field binoculars and prism-type binoculars are smaller, can be taken Double-eyed telescope used in your hand. They can enlarge the distant goals, so through them, the distant scenery can see more clear. Different from a single telescope, the bicycle telescope can make the user have a deep sense, that is The effect. This is the case, because when people look at the same image from a slightly different angle.

For wild binoculars or prism-type binoculars, The increase in magnification means that the view is reduced. Therefore, it is more difficult to determine a target of a target using high-band rate telescope. Most people can hold a prism-type binoculars that enlarged 6 times or 8 times the prism binoculars. If the magnification exceeds 10 times, it is recommended to use a triangle. Watch the changing sports game on site require a wide vision, so it is best to use the magnification of 5 times or 6 times the prism-type double-simple scream. Track bird flight When viewing panorama, it is preferably 7 times or 8 times prism-type double brickry.

Working principle

In all optical instruments, in addition to camera, most popular It is a binocular telescope. It makes people watch the sportscomers and concerts more carefully, add a lot of fun. In addition, the deep feelings of the bicyclic telescope are also desirable, and the most popular binocular telescope uses a convex lens. Since the convex lens is reversed up and left and right, it is necessary to use a set of prisms to change image. The light passes through these prisms, from the objective lens to the eyepiece, where it is necessary to pass four reflections. Thus, the light is very long in the short distance. Road, so the bicomputer of the bicomputer can be much shorter than the mirror barrel of the single.


Maximum bicycle telescope can enlarge the scenery 35 times. Compare Ordinary medium-sized double-eyed telescope has 6 to 7 times the magnification, the image is very clear, suitable for observing wild birds or other scenes. The 7 × 50 representation of the lens cartridge is 7 times, and the diameter of the objective lens is 50 Mm.

Life uses

Bobby birds often use binocular telescope, making remote objects (such as birds) look large. Double The eyegle is actually just a pair of telescope, each eye looks on one side. There is a plurality of prisms (triangular glasses) "" "shaped reflective light, so that the binoculars are much shorter than the single-tube telescope; the prism also correction. The use of binocular telescopes can be used to judge the distance at the same time, and it is not possible with a single-tube telescope.

military binocular telescope

military binocular telescope Based on the opening of the Optical Optical System of the Cople, it is configured to add an input system (generally prism transfer). It can be disconnected in the lens barrel. The photographic element with infrared target is installed. Generally, the distance is 54mm 1 74mm ,Handheld The view is 6X a 15X, and the shelf is 20X one 40X. The optical performance of the bicycle telescope is often expressed in two groups

× D.

Scientific recommendations

Astronomical landscape war moon, the binoculars are better.

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