Dongba Valley

Synonym East Bar Valley Scenic Area General Due to East Valley

Basic Introduction

Dongba Valley is located at the foot of Yunnan Yulong Snow Mountain (tourism uses Omem to carry the oxygen-resistant highlands), from Liangjiang Ancient City 10 Five kilometers, a natural ecological Grand Canyon, a broken hob in the long-awaited period.

Valley is 90 kilometers, the cliffs of the cliffs, the cave Lin Lishen is like a dream, and then repeat all kinds of bellmast, cane, strange tree, Qi Shi, rare bird, bird, flying water, by the locals After discovering that it is Dongba Valley, Naxi is called "naked", and Chinese is a good value.

Dongbar Valley (5)

Into the Dongba Valley, seeing it is a slightly large Dongba Plaza and the long-term "trainer behind it. Street ", Square Skirt, the national girls of the gods are enthusiastic to sing dance, welcome every visit to Dongba Valley.

Human History

Dongba Valley Wood Carving (2)

"Dongba" Naxi is "priest", and passed the father and son inheritance or post. They are the organizers of religious activities, the host, but also because they master Dongbin, can write, chanting, can dance, painting, sculpture, knowing astronomy, geography, calendar, so becoming an important inheritor of the ancient culture of Naxi .

Dongba Valley, collecting the national customs, whether it is a woodcutter, a stonemason, or a tofu, the textile is a farmer who is growing in a country, although it is a different nation, but it seems to be a big Members in the family. Here, the six nationalities fall a family, and the customs of the Lijiang multi-ethnic customs will have no legacy.

There are Naxi, Yi people, he left people, Pugimi, Mosuo, Tibetan ethnic minorities, housing is old, authentic, original model. People's activities are colorful but very ordinary, there are 耙, roast food, and performance activities.

Dongba Valley

僳僳 僳僳 男 自 自 火 下 下 下 下, 是 是 是 向 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 也 也Adult girls have a unique "girl house".

They are here to "over seven", to fall asleep with seven different young men, decide the last level. The roast pig in Pimu is very good. It can take a long time, the Naxi women's scenery is soft, the tourists are stretched, and the songs of the Pugmian girl and the guys and the sound of the music. Ideated and beautiful

Dongba culture can continue so far, a very important reason is that the Naxi woman will cultivate the fields, go home, and the man is only idle at home, the chess and calligraphy, therefore The Naxi woman in the Lord is very hard, and men are engaged in cultural and craftsmanship, and they can see the carving and beautiful handmade products such as silver jade wood carving.

In the 25 minorities in Yunnan, in addition to the use of Chinese, the remaining 22 ethnic minorities have written 26 languages, and 14 ethnic groups use 22 kinds of words, and The Naxi's Dongba text is known as "the world's only living pictograph", which is written by more than 1,400 Dongben, and holds more than 20,000 volumes, all of which are collected in Lijiang, Kunming, respectively. Beijing, Nanjing, Taiwan and the United States, Germany, Spain and other more than ten countries and regions.

August 30, 2003, Poland Gdansk, UNESCO World Memory Engineering Advisory Committee's Sixth meeting, China Lijiang Dongba Agui literature is included in the World Memory Heritage List, Lijiang East Ba Valley has become the only international tourist destination with three world reputation of cultural heritage, natural heritage and memory heritage.

Main attractions

Tradestrian street

Tradestrian street (3 photos)

The main street of Dongba Valley is a trainer Street, here is the original business collection.

The two sides of the street are the courtyards of some minorities. They are all-nation-character specialty stores, all kinds of jewelery, fur, and medicinal materials are dazzling, Dongba is a piece of elegant in the hospital, and Mr. Dongba concentrates on writing words, and that one The walls of the wall are like modern abstract works generally decorative effect.

Linpai Bridge

Dongba Valley Album (7 photos)

Going out of the tractor, crossing the hanging bridge called Linbuqiao, Under the bridge is Blue and Zhan's naked lake, the distance is the smoke wave, when the time, the Yulong snow mountain, the front is a green forest bathway, there are various canes, strange trees, strange stone in this forest. Relief, bird, and animal rituals, beautiful scenery, rare pedestrians, is a famous ecological culture park.

Traffic Information

Self-service Transport

  • from Kunming to Lijiang, driving 5-6 hours, 527 km. Ticket purchase: Township Terminal in Kunming City. It is recommended to take the train in Kunming Railway Station and safe and comfortable.

  • There is no direct bus from Dongba Valley, you can ride from Lijiang (approximately 15 km from Lijiang Ancient City)

  • You can also take the No. 17 bus at the Lijiang Xiangshan market to get off at Yulong Snow Mountain Toll Station and then walk 500 meters to

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