Domain name real name system


This is a trend is that it is a domain name real name system to browse the webpage, greatly enhance the trust of network users to the website content, and reduce network viruses. Eliminate the download of pirated software, film, game and other infringement, effectively avoid fraud, fishing website, hanging horse website, etc.

People will also use this tool to promote the development of democracy, the implementation of the real name system will accelerate and standardize this process, so that the Internet plays a wider and greater role in people's lives.


January 12, 2010, Baidu website suffered a hacker attack, and the world could not access Baidu in the world, and the incident was widely concerned from the industry. . After the survey, Baidu Website was blacklidious in Baidu domain name registration information was maliciously tampered with.

Dear, the domestic well-known Tianya community website has also staged a similar scene. According to information, in 2005, Tianya Community has been revised by people to revise the domain name registration information, and the domain name points to another website, once hijacked the visits of the End of the World. In this regard, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics said that both events indicate the importance of domain name holders' effective protection of domain name registration information. If the domain name registration information is not true, inaccurate, once the domain name registration information is maliciously tampered, the domain name holder will communicate with the registrar, which will be unfavorable, which not only affects the speed and efficiency of the crisis, but also will Normal operation and business operations have a negative effect.

In addition, the domain name is not real name and provides convenient conditions for unscrupulous criminal activities. From a large number of website illegal crimes, the website domain name registration information is not true, inaccurate, incomplete, not only is not conducive to ordinary netizens to identify websites, which is not conducive to the timely detection of cases, netizens information security and property. Safety is very threatened.

Domain name real name is International Pass Requirements

In fact, the proportion of unrecognized registration information is high in the world. According to relevant information, the research on the US Total Agreement Bureau in 2005 showed that the domain name registration information "obvious mistake" or incomplete phenomenon, in the top three general top-level domains, .org, .NET, .COM The domain name registration service is generally existed.

and the latest research on the International Internet Name and the Digital Address Assignment Agency (ICANN) shows that domain name registration information is not fundamentally changed. The ICANN released survey report showed that domain name registration information such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz did not achieve a relatively highlight. To this end, ICANN has developed a severe management initiative to attack the domain name registration information. In March 2003, ICANN Board considered through a new "Domain Name Registration Information Reminder Policy". This policy is restricted by the behavior of domain name holders.

Experts said that it is popular that the domain name real name system is true, accurate and complete in the domain name registration information. For example, ICANN requires a domain holder to ensure true, accurate, domain holders of all information, have volunteers to self-examine the true and accurateness of the registration information annually. Once the registration information is discovered, it should contact the registration. Commerce is corrected, in addition, if the domain holder refuses to update registration information or provides unusual name registration information, registrar can log out of these domain names.

is in China, domain real-name system management is also too new. In my country, the domain name real name system can be traced back to 1997. At the time, the "Interim Management Measures for the Registration of China 's Internet Area Name" promulgated by the State Council's Informatization Work Leading Group Office, the applicant's name should be consistent with the seal, the relevant certification documents, and the applicant should ensure the authenticity of its application. In 2004, the "China Internet Domain Domain Management Measures" clearly stipulated that "the domain name registration applicant should submit real, accurate, complete domain name registration information."

Domain name real name is the basis of equity guarantees

accompanying the continuous development of Internet and e-commerce, and the commercial value of domain name is increasing. The latest statistics show that as of the end of 2009, all global top-level domain names exceeded 192 million.

case analysis

Domain name real name system

is related to this, "Domain Name" "Domain Name Hiking" and other domain name rights infringement events also present a high-speed growth trend. Relevant statistics show that the 2008 World Intellectual Property Organization has accepted 2329 domain name dispute complaints, this number rose 8% higher than the previous year.

How to maximize the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of domain holders, how to effectively balance the benefits of domain name holders and potential domain stakeholders, have become a topic that cannot be avoided in the global domain industry. In the domain transfer, the domain name registration information is true and accurate, not only about the domain name transfer intention, but also directly affects whether the domain name of the transaction can eventually complete the transfer procedures, and significant.

Some experts said that in a real society, it is notice that someone has the right to make a house. The critical basis is not what he actually posses and uses this house. Is it that he is a minimum of property rights certificates All ownership recorded on the property license. In the Internet, it is determined whether a domain name is owned by someone, and the key is not in someone actually posses and uses a domain name, but whether the registration information of this domain name points to someone. Therefore, it can be said that domain name registration information is comparable to the "real estate license" for domain name registration information. On January 14, 2010, China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) issued "Notice on Doing a Good Job of Registered Domain Name Information." Among them, "Domain Name Registration Information is the premise and important basis for the principal and other rights information of the domain nameholder, and the premise and important basis for the legitimate rights and interests of the domain name holder" becomes a highlight of the announcement, which clarifies the foundation of domain name rights protection.

In addition, the domain name real name system is quite extent to contain online crimes. After implementing the real name system of the domain name, the website domain name and individual are each other, making the supervision of illegal acts on the Internet easier. From this point, the domain name real name system will become an important way to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of domain holders.

Development affects

The so-called domain name real name system is required to fill in the real, accurate, complete registration information when the user is registered. The management agency's business license, legal perspective, specific address, and business scale are real and reliable, and will be filed in the relevant administrative organs. The author believes that the real name system of domain name registration information has three main benefits:

1. The domain name real name system is conducive to the protection of domain name registrant rights, preventing domain names from being maliciously stealing, maintaining domain names;

II, the real name system is conducive to strengthening supervision, preventing network fishing, fraud, etc., create an orderly, healthy Internet integrity environment;

three, fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company, can effectively avoid domain name Disputes and lawsuits caused by infringement.

From the latest announcement of the China anti-fishing website alliance showed that the alliance was approved and stopped with a domain name analysis of 1085 phishing websites in March 2010. Among them, the CN domain name was sharply reduced, from the beginning of the year 545 were reduced to 80 in March, only 7.4% of the total, and 1005 fishing websites under the domain names of COM, accounting for 92.6%. It can be said that the domain name real name system has largely curb the occurrence of network bad applications.

So, how does the domain name real name system affect the IDC industry?

It is undeniable that many IDC companies have been severely impacted by the end of 2009. Some companies even have the whole of the whole batch of cabinets, including many IDCs have also been spoken by many webmasters. But according to the author, there is still a lot of IDC service providers to maintain the continued and rapid growth of the business.

The author specializes in consulting the industry's senior analyst, Lee Yan, General Manager of the Internet, Li Li said that any industry is present in the country, social development carrier, affected by the national policy, subject to the country Monitoring and guidance is essential. As an IDC company, while seeing the interests of the eyes, it should be responsible for the social responsibility of the enterprise. We should see that in this round of Internet rectification activities, we solve the "network fraud", "false management", "false operation", and solve certain social problems. Although the process of perfecting the industry has brought a pain for some IDC companies, the process is a process of going to the revolution. Powerful IDC companies can do so much to carefully interpret the policy, seriously implement the policy, and the long-term development of the company will undoubtedly actively promote the role. In short, there is no industrial industry, only a bad business.

However, during the development of this industry, it is undoubtedly to make a higher requirements for users to choose IDC companies. In order to avoid it, it is necessary to brighten their eyes, pay attention to the following Several:

Company license is complete, the overall strength is the "Sormal IDC" of the integral strength ", the regular IDC should have ISP card, ICP certificate, company business license, industrial and commercial license All kinds of formal documents, integrated strength in the industry, so that the emergency can be solved.

The main customer of the company is the enterprise customer

The type of website is mainly the company's website and trade website, with a high network environment, very few personal websites It is filtered to a certain extent, and the interests of fishing, fraud, and rubbing balls, and the interests of customers have also gained adequate protection.

The company's service can provide 24-hour uninterrupted service

Once there is any unexpected situation, you can get a response quickly, solve the problem within the shortest time Such a company is very like, whether it is a company or the competent department, and the word of course in the industry is not bad.

Finally, I sincerely wish most IDC companies can adapt to policy requirements, respond to policy calls, and have a cold winter, ushered in the industry's development. I also wish that the majority of IDC end users can polish their eyes, choose to have a weigh IDC service provider, avoid network risks, bringing the continuous development of network operations.

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