Do not believe in books, not as good as books

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[phono] jìn xìn shū bù rú wú shū

[explanation] General reading Do not stick to the book or superstitious book.

[from] Silicone "Menci · Dednessel": "Let's believe in" book ". It is worse than" book "(the letter is not as good as there is no book). I am in Wuheng, take two Three strategies. "Song Lu Jiuyu" politely the best ":" Hey, the letter is not as good as there is book. "

[example] History trusted? We can only say: generally trustworthy. If it is completely impossible, it will become a virtual and mismuth. But the ancient training, still make sense.

- Sun Li "My History"

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Mencius (the first 372 - 289 years), name, word (Test, a word car or child), was respected "Yadheng". During the Warring States Period, Zou Mann, Lu Guoqing father descendants. The famous Chinese famous thinkers, politicians, educators, and the Confucian representatives during the Warring States Period. There is a book with "Mencius". Mencius inherited and carried forward Confucius's thoughts, and became a generation of Confucian masters who were second only to Confucius, "Yadheng", and Confucius is known as "Kong Meng". Mencius's article is a smack, and the momentum is full of argument, the logic is strict, and the sharp wit, represents the highest peak of traditional prose writing. Mencius proposed sexual award on human nature, ie "the beginning of humanity, goodness."


" letter, not as good as there is no book "from" Mencius " In the heart of the chapter. "

Do not believe in books, not as good as books

About "Mencius"

"Mencius" is a compilation of Mencius, which is written together by Mencius and its discipline, records Mencius's language, political view ( The Confucian classic work of Ren Zheng, Wang Bazheng, the people of the people, the heart, the heart of the people. Mencius used to follow Confucius and lead the disciples around the country. However, it was not accepted by countries at that time, retreat with the disciples together. "Mencius" has seven passions: "Liang Huiwang" up and down; "Gong Sun ug" up and down; "Teng Wengong"; "Leaves" up and down; "Vantime"; "Not" up and down. Its student said that he had sex, proposes "benevolence", "Wang Dao", and mains. When Zhu Xi, Zhu Xi, "Menci" and "The Center" "Doctrine", "Doctrine", "Mencius" is the most heavy one of the four books in the four books, and there are more than 35,000 words. Since then, until the end of the Qing Dynasty, the "four books" has always been the content of the imperial examination.


Mencius: "Let the" book ", it is better to" book ". I am in" Wu Cheng " 1 , take two or three 2 is already. Ren people are invincible in the world, so that they are unreasonable, and why, the bloodstream, 4 ? " / p>


Mencius said: "Completely believe in" Shangshu ", it is better not to" Shang Shu ". I only believe in the second or third book for" Wu Cheng ". The page is over. The benevolent does not have the enemy in the world, and people who are extremely benevolent in Zhou Wuwang are so extremely insignificant people. How can they drift? "


1 "Wu Cheng": "Shang Shu". The existing "Wucheng" article is a pseudonym.

2 strategy: bamboo slip. The ancient use of bamboo slip, a strategy is equivalent to talking about today.

3 至 Ren: The people of the Neond Ren Road refers to Zhou Wuwang.

4 (CHU): 舂米 or the wooden stick.

Works Appreciation

"Let" book ", it is better to not" book "." "

This is a reading method for brilliance, requiring readers to be good at Independent thinking.

Once ancient times, people have not known how much proliferation is. Indeed, the book is a patented grace in our humans, and the sacred object of many people is still their worship. However, if we complete the letter, the only book is from the light, make individuals become nerd, and the strict has formed so-called "book", "teaching bargain" and "唯书", misunderstood, endless.

Today, we emphasize that "practice is the only standard for inspection truth", "said" Let's do a letter, it is better to say ", it seems to be shallow and easy to understand. But in the era of Mencius, this is afraid or a vacant foot. In fact, it is still not necessary to push so far, only need to think about those "唯书", "only", and Mencius can be referenced.

finally said: "Not only books, not only on the top."

, we can also say "the letter, it is worse than no book".

It is particularly worth noting that Mencius talks about "do not as good as there is no book", the example is the content of "Wu Cheng" in "Shang Shu", and we know, " Shang Shu "as one of the Confucian classics, in the age, Meng's era is also extremely authoritative. As a result, Mencius thinks of authoritative works and maintains independent thinking, and is be brave enough to doubt, especially if they are valuable, reflecting the treatment of the sage. Even for us for more than two thousand years, it is also worth learning.

More than the publishing industry today has greatly developed. The publisher of the sunrise is not in a small number, the book sweat charging, its negative effect is "no mistakes", which has become a social problem that is increasingly attracted. In such a case, the spirit of "the letter is not as good as the book" is especially necessary. Otherwise, it is a big problem.

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