profile characteristics

belons Niglo Europa 混 混 人, there is also the characteristics of Europa and Niger: The body is high (adult men's average height of 1.74 meters), skin Brown, hair is a corrugated or straight hair, medium thickness in the lips, no roll, the nose is high, and the chin is sharp.


According to the archaeological data, Kuchend has been distributed across the entire African corner of 3,000 years ago, replacing the original hunting tribes. In the 10th century BC, its South Branch arrived at East Africa, created the earliest farming culture in the region, characterized by terraced irrigation and boulder. In the first few hundred years of the AD, the Ban Tungero appeared in the large lake area of ​​the East Africa. Most of the Kuhend people were forced to divide, some of them retained, and some were classified.

Kuchite is divided into north, medium, east, and south, mainly including Bezha, Agro, Sah, Darnak, Galan, Somali People, Santa Mo, Card Man and Iraki. There is a difference in language, traditional culture and economic life. In the long-term interaction with the flash mens, the Niler and the Ban Tuner, the agriculture and animal husbandry mixed economy was formed. South branches and mid-branches are engaged in agriculture, planting bran, sorghum, corn, small valley and tobacco; Beiji and East branch are dominated by animal husbandry, raising camels and cows, sheep. Affected by Arabic Culture, North Branch and East Foreign Dominous Islam, a monkeyi; Zhongji is affected by Anhal culture, Domin Christian, belongs to the special school; South Against to maintain traditional natural worship and ancestor worship. Traditional society allows a lot of wife. Men and women are cut. Reshament by the parent, according to the dual-line renewal and inheritance.

Somali and Djibouti are forming a single Cuchi national community; the Kuxite in Ethiopia is integrated with the flash meter; Bezad is a cross-border nomad; the Kutt in East Africa People have the trend of class. The role of Cubheite's political economic life in the corner of Africa is increasing.

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