DNA physical map

Physical Figure 4} There are a variety of measurement methods, of which the two different specific characteristic restriction nucleic acid endozyme cross-combined enzymatic solutions are also other of the other various assays. The basic physical map of the map method is an indispensable job in the work of the studio genome, such as China's "Rice Genome Plan", the "Human Genome Plan" in the world, and Turki must first construct its genome physics. It has two important purposes. DNA physical map

(1) According to the information provided by genetics, the required gene can be defined within a certain range on the physical map, and the desired} can be obtained in combination with the positioning clone [ClNnir}) technology. F}}

(2] The scientific level cannot directly determine the nuclei sequence in which the genome is directly determined because they are.

but constitutes 12 () kH length of the physical map. The I7NA fragment can be used directly, and therefore, by sequencing the I.) NA fragment of the physical map, it can be completed, which can complete the full order of the biological genome, which is conducive to the level of humans can be fully understood. The genetic mystery of the creature.

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