Part of speech and explanation: facility

The characteristic symptoms of schizophrenia are characterized by the separation of mental activity from reality, incoordination with the surrounding environment, and lack of cooperation between thinking, emotion, and volitional activities.

①The lack of coherence and logic in the thinking and association process is a characteristic manifestation. In the case of clear consciousness, the patient’s sentences, concepts, or contexts lack an intrinsic connection, that is, loose associations or loose associations, and the more severe cases show disruptive thinking. Logical reasoning is absurd and bizarre (logical inverted thinking), or use some ordinary words, nouns or actions to express some special meanings that others cannot understand (pathological symbolic thinking), or create or piece together some symbols The "character" gives a special meaning (new words and phrases). The patient's thinking activities are suddenly interrupted (thinking interruption) without the influence of external factors, or a large number of compulsive thinking (thinking gathering) emerges.

②Thinking alien experience: the patient thinks that his thoughts are taken away by external forces (thinking is taken away) or some thoughts are inserted into his brain by external forces (thinking is inserted); feeling that his inner experience has been taken away by others Know (thought is discerned) or broadcasted (thought spread).

③The emotion is dull and indifferent, and the emotional response cannot resonate or connect with the thinking content and external stimuli. The patient lacks inner experience of external things and events related to his immediate interests (emotional indifference); suffering from happy events or laughing when encountering misfortune (emotional inversion), at the same time there are two opposing emotional experiences (ambivalent emotions); alone for no reason Laughing, crying, or angry.

④Lonely withdrawal, reduced activity, and passive actions are often accompanied by emotional indifference. Opposing intentions for some things (contradictory intentions); eating something that cannot be eaten or hurting oneself (intentional inversion); refusing to perform all requirements (violating) or mechanically performing any requirements (passive obedience).

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