Diving electric pump


Diving Pump refers to a pump that is working in water in the pump body impeller and driving impeller, and there are two kinds of deep well and work surface. The deep well diving electric pump is powered by the cable in the well, which is used to avoid the transmission long axis, so that the structure is compact, light, installation, use and metastasis, and the tendency to replace the long-axis deep well pump in the power area, Not applicable to well-containing water wells and no power regions.


The electric motor for submersible electric pump has a dry (all sealed), semi-dry (the stator seal, and the rotor is operated in the water), fuel oil ( The inside of the motor is filled with waterproof division invasive winding.) And wet (inner water in the motor, the stator and rotor are operated in water). The top three need to be sealed and the manufacturing installation accuracy is high, so the agricultural deep smooth submersible electric pump usually uses a wet motor, and the stator windings use a water-resistant insulated wire or in the stator winding end and in the groove to pour the synthetic resin, water into the motor internal effect. Not large, the sealing structure can be greatly simplified, as long as the sand absorption.

head and flow

Some deep well submersible pump lift up to 1400 meters, the maximum flow of 140 cubic meters / second.

Magnetic levitation submersible electric pump

Maglev diving electric pump It realizes a major breakthrough in the world submersible electric pump, effectively solves various shortcomings of traditional submersible electric pumps: such as conversion efficiency low, The power consumption is too high, the forefront is limited, the bearing is easy, and the maintenance is frequent. Widely used in the supply and drainage of industrial and mining companies, farmland irrigation and plateau, mountain water supply and other fields.

Magnetic suspension submersible electric pump It has changed the manufacturing process of submersible electric pumps with unique patented technology, and the conversion efficiency reached a shocking new level, created huge energy saving and consumption.

Magnetic levitation submersible electric pump solves the axial force problem of the development of the world submersible electric pump, and the drainage of the diving electric pump has a breakthrough, filled the ultra-high direction (single-machine direction design to thousands of meters. ) And large traffic (high load) submersible electric pump market blanks; rows, flow curves tend to be gentle. Its conversion efficiency, the highest routine of stand-alone is ranking in the world.

Maglev is a new generation of submersible electric pumps, which achieves vertical shaft magnetic suspension (maintaining high efficiency under different conditions), no wear, use time and maintenance cycle number, saving frequent Regularly maintenance work, can operate continuously tens of thousands of hours, save maintenance, maintenance costs.

Maglev Pump Features

Test data proves that the conversion efficiency of magnetic levitation submersible electric pumps exceeds traditional submersible electric pumps, and user usage combined with experimental data and comparison, further proof Its high-efficiency energy saving, conversion efficiency, the world leading, single-machine leading world leading and high bearing, super large traffic, maintenance, long life, etc.!

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