Distributed optical fiber sensing test system

Technical indicators

1. Number of test channels: ≥12#, working wavelength range: covering 1525-1610nm, and the test wavelength range is adjustable, and the scanning speed is adjustable; 3★, transmission Sensing length: 30m, 70m, can be extended to 2000m; 4#, working wavelength resolution: up to 0.02pm; 5#, spatial resolution: up to 1mm, set according to needs; 6#, working wavelength accuracy: ±1.5pm; 7 #, strain sensing resolution: ±1.0με; 8#, temperature sensing resolution: ±0.1℃; 9#, optical fiber interface: FC/APC; 10. Host size: not more than 370*345*165mm; weight: Not heavier than 12kg; 11#, with optical path automatic collimation and calibration function; 12#, with optical time domain and optical frequency domain data display function at the same time; 13#, with multiple test data results simultaneous display function; 14, with data It can be directly saved as a text format function; 15. It has the function of browsing the original data; 16. It can provide a remote control interface for the device.

Main functions

It can be used for displacement and force testing in rock, soil and tunnel tests.

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