Digital library

Development Background

With the rapid development of computer technology, communication technology and network technology, the construction and utilization of information expressways is a large-scale information system, the development of library systems provides Environment and conditions.

Network information management technology, digital processing technology and digital information resource construction have become the focus of international competition, and all countries have put considerable strength to study and develop. The new concept of "Digital Library", new model came into being, and was regarded as one of the main development directions of the information industry in the 21st century.

Digital library

New and old comparison

Traditional library collection, stores and reorganizes information, so that the reader can easily check the information he wants, and track readers to use, to protect information Provider's rights. From the perspective of the digital library, it is to collect or create a digital collection, which integrates various digital technologies, such as high-resolution digital scanning and color correction, optical character identification, information compression, transformation, etc., and replace various documents into computers. The binary series of binary series can be identified, under the permissible permission management such as security, access licenses and accounting services, the authorized information utilizes the Internet's release technology to achieve global information sharing.

The structure mode of the digital library is: In the network environment, it is an object-oriented, distributed network structure mode, which can be operated in a variety of different computer systems. The composition of a digital library mainly includes basic components such as user interfaces, pretreatment systems, also known as scheduling systems, query systems, and object libraries.

The electronic library focuses on the summary of the collection characteristics, the collection is basically electronic reading, and reading means generally passed computers, and online information or Internet services are not available. Online libraries set a certain amount of information to the Internet for "readers" to consult and retrieve, do not necessarily need the corresponding library social entity, which can also be regarded as the primary morphology of the digital library. The "Virtual Library" is an uniqueness of the online library that focuses on its own characteristics.

The concept of "Digital Library" has been proposed, and it has received extensive attention from the world, and the organizational strength has been discussed, studied and developed, and experiments with various models. With the development of digital earth concepts, technologies, applications, digital libraries have become members of the digital Earth family, providing the necessary information resources for the information highway, and is the main information resource vector in the knowledge economy.

The US Congress Library is one of the first libraries attempted by the United States, and its "American Memory" has far-reaching. "The US Memory" was first implemented in 1990 to 1995, the plan's goal is to determine the reader object of digital collections, establish a special set of technical processes in digital libraries, discuss the topic of knowledge assets, Distribute the demo and ultimately determine the digitalization and specifications of the Congress Library. The digital collection of the program is mainly historical literature, including historical photos, manuscripts, historical files, and other documents.

Shanghai Library is the pioneer of domestic construction digital library, has accumulated a considerable number of digital resources, the ancient book has reached 64, about 4000MB video data, the home page information is more than 350MB, the book data is positive Stealing production, national newspaper index is also a unique source of information in the country. There are also a large number of drafts and full-text disc databases, some of which are also a web version. It should be said that the Shanghai Library has no right in the country.

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