Dessite Static Cosmic Model


Deste is the Netherlands mathematician and astronomer. On May 6, 1872, born in Snenk, 20 November 1934, died in Lead. Desteit was young in the Netherlands Groningen University. In 1897, he worked in the good-looking observatory to work in an astronomical business since then. In 1908, he served as Professor Leiden University, in 1919, he served as the long-term Taiwan Tablet of Lee Ten University. 1925 to 1928, Chairman of the International Astronomical Federation. Deste is a great role in spreading generalization, the British's interest in broad relativity is because he is caused by the papers published in London during the First World War. He established the Johannesburg Observatory to study the operational law of the four large satellites of Jupitar, and the stellar species of different silver lathe was performed, confirmed the poor color system of the silver track and the silver pole zone. He is one of the earliest scholars in the modern cosmology, proposing Dezit static spatiotemporal rules, establishing a Descet static universe model.

Cosmic model

ρ, θ, 嗞 is the ball coordinate, T is the universe. The static model obtained is a closed universe. The universe radius λ is the cosmic constant. In this universe, there is a dessi strategy determined by λ. Under the action of repulsive, the river is generally refunded, and the red shift of the galaxy spectrum.

Dessite Static Cosmic Model

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