Desktop grinder

Installation location

The opening direction of the grinding wheel should be as changing toward the wall, and cannot be facing the personnel channel or a person with equipment and operations nearby.

If the grinding wheel is installed near the vicinity of the device, a high 1.8M metal net should be provided at a high 1.8 M metal net at 1 to 1.5 m from the wheel opening.

The grinding wheel is not allowed to be installed in a corrosive gas or a flammable and explosive field.

The grinding wheel installation site should keep the ground dry.

The use site of the grinding wheel should ensure sufficient illumination.


protective cover

The grinding wheel protective cover must have sufficient strength (generally 1.5 ~ 3mm) and effective cover surface. Hanging type Or the maximum opening angle of the cutting wheel is less than or equal to 180 degrees; the desktop and the landing grinding wheel, the maximum opening angle is less than or equal to 125 degrees, and the upper opening angle is less than equal to 65 degrees in the main shaft centerline of the grinding wheel;

protective cover The installation should be firm to prevent the high speed of the grinding wheel, fall off;

The gap between the shield and the grinding wheel must match. The frontal gap of the new grinding wheel and the cover plate should be 20 to 30 mm, the side surface of the cover plate With the grinding wheel gap 10 ~ 15mm.

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The defensive plate should have sufficient strength and adjustable;

The garbage should be firm Installing on the protective housing, adjusting the bolt, fastening;

The defensive plate should have a certain strength, can effectively block the grinding wheel fragment and splash of Mars;

garland The width of the plate should be greater than the outer portion of the protective cover;

The garbage should be able to adjust the gap between the circumferential surface of the grinding wheel, and the gap between the two is less than or equal to 6 mm;

The opening angle of the grinding wheel is less than or more of the opening angle above 30 degrees or more.

grinding wheel and bracket

grinding wheel without cracking No damage;

The grinding wheel must be intact without cracking, no damage. Before installing, it is found that the crack loss is found. It is strictly forbidden to use;

is prohibited to use the moisture, frozen grinding wheel;

The grinding wheel of the rubber binding agent does not allow contact oil, resin binding The grinding wheel of the agent does not allow contact with alkali substances, otherwise the strength of the grinding wheel will be reduced;

is not allowed to store a grinding wheel that stores more than the safety period. Such grinding wheels can deteriorate and use very dangerous.

How long is the safety storage period of the grinding wheel? The resin binding agent (more) is generally 1 year, the banana (rubber) binding plastic wheel is generally 2 years, and the manufacturing plant instructions are highly reliable;

The bracket should have sufficient area and intensity;

The bracket should have no depression on the side of the side of the grinding wheel; the lack of the bracket should be able to worry with the grinding wheel. Adjust the gap, the gap should be less than or equal to 3mm;

The height of the bracket countertop should be contacted by the main axis centerline should be equal or slightly above the main horizontal surface of the grinding wheel 10 mm;

The diameter of the grinding wheel is less than or equal to 150 mm. No bracket;

flange plate and cushion

cutting the flange diameter of the grinding wheel must not be less than 1/4 of the grinding wheel diameter, other grinding wheel The disk diameter should be larger than 1/3 of the grinding wheel diameter to increase the contact surface of the flange and the grinding wheel;

The diameter of the flange diameter and the size of the compression width must be equal;

< p> The flange should have sufficient rigidity, and it must be kept smooth and uniform after the compression surface;

flange should have no wear, variable band, uneven, crack, not allowed to use cast iron Flange;

The grinding wheel and the flange can be lined with a flexible material cushion (such as asbestos, rubber sheets, cardboard, felt, leather, etc.), its thickness is 1 ~ 2mm, the diameter should be compared The flange outer diameter is 2 ~ 3mm to eliminate the unearth of the surface of the grinding wheel, increase the contact surface of the flange plate and the grinding wheel;


The grinding wheel operation must be smooth and reliable. The amount of grinding wheel does not exceed the standard, and it is used within the validity period;

The grinder shelf should have certain stiffness and stability (mounting on the fastened foundation to prevent vibration);

When the grinder is running, there should be no obvious radial beating;

The rotational speed of the grinding wheel is not more than the garden week safety speed of the grinding wheel;

The grinding wheel is wear to a certain degree of replacement;

grinding wheel diameter wear limit size:

grinding wheel mounting form Wear limit size

sticking on the mandrel of D + 2

< P> Mount D0 + 2

with a screw diameter of D0 to install D3 + 10

PE with a diameter D3 flange, which is reliable, and the control appliance meets metal cutting. The relevant provisions of the machine tool.

Regulatory Standard

"Grinding Machinery Safety Procedures (GB4674-84)"

"Ordinary Abrasive Safety Rules (GB2494-2003)"

Safety Operation Procedures

1, users must comply with "Metal cutting safety technology operation passage"

2, users must be familiar with grinding wheel mechanism, performance and maintenance knowledge.

3, according to the instructions used by the grinding wheel, select the grinding wheel with the main shaft revolution of the grinder. The newly collar wheel must have a factory certificate, or check the test mark. If you find the quality, hardness, particle size and appearance of the grinding wheel before installation, it cannot be used.

4, the grinding wheel must be installed firmly and reliable, the fastening screw is not allowed or damaged.

5, the grinding wheel flange must be consistent, its diameter is not allowed to be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the grinding wheel, and there must be a flexible gasket between the grinding wheel and the deck.

6, when tightening nut, use a dedicated plate hand, can not be screwed too tight, strictly forbidden to use a hard thing hammer to prevent the grinding wheel from being crushed.

7, after the grinding wheel is installed, it is necessary to install the protective cover.

8, when the new grinding wheel is started, don't be too anxious, first check, after 5 minutes and 10 minutes, it can be used. The interns must not replace the grinding wheel.

9, after the grinding wheel is started, it is idled for 2 to 3 minutes, and can be used.

10, grinding wheel jitter, no protective cover, knife shear wear, not allowed when the card is not secure. The grinding wheel and the tool sheath must be less than 3mm.

11, the mill is too large or hitting the grinding wheel when the worker or tool is used. Excessive workpieces and non-colored metals, non-colored metals, etc., prohibiting grinding on a grinding wheel.

12, the two people are prohibited on the same sand wheel, and the workpiece must not be worn on the grinding wheel side.

13, when grinding, the worker is not allowed to stand in front of the grinding wheel, must wear a protective mirror and dust mask, a workpiece with a long grinding time, should be cooled in time, prevent the ironing, disabling cotton yarn Wrap the workpiece for grinding.

14, often trimmed the balance of the surface of the grinding wheel, maintaining a good state.

15, the grinding wheel grinding is required to be replaced immediately when it is specified, otherwise it is forbidden.

16, check, maintenance, must be stopped when adjusting the gap.

17, the grinding wheel must be equipped with a good vacuum cleaner, easy to operate, and must have a good lighting device, prohibiting working in a dark operating environment.

18, the utility grinding wheel must set up special person management, all the grinding wheels are not allowed to wet. The grinding wheel should be checked before use, and it can be used after passing.

19, the grinding wheel power supply should be turned off after the edge of the edge.

Troubleshooting method

Motor does not rotate (there is electromagnetic sound)

Cause: 1, start capacitance damage; 2, three-phase power supply phase; 3 , Power switch is damaged; 4, bearing card death; 5, winding burnout

exclusion method: 1, replace the new capacitor; 2, the inspection circuit; 3, replace the power switch; 4, replace the bearing; 5 , Repair winding

motor does not turn (no electromagnetic sound)

Cause: 1, power switch is damaged; 2, power outage; 3, winding Burbish

Exclude: 1, replace the power switch; 2, wait power; 3, repair windings

grinding wheel fragile or wear "Causes of

Cause: 1, the type of grinding wheel is incorrect; 2 , Grinding wheel expire or quality is not good; 3, bearing damage; 4, installation is incorrect

exclusion method: 1, replace the type corresponding to the grinding wheel; 2, replace the qualified grinding wheel; 3, replace the bearing; 4, correct Installation

Sound is not normal

Cause: 1, the bearing wear is serious; 2, the grinding wheel is not installed; 3, the operation; 4, the winding failure

Trouble: 1, replace the bearing; 2, properly install the grinding wheel; 3, the inspection power supply; 4, the inspector winding

Winding burns

Cause: 1, stator, rotor Wipe; 2, three-phase electric discharge operation; 3. Single-phase motor erroneous access 380V power supply

exclusion method: 1, replace the bearing; 2, check the power supply; 3, check power

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